Dead Rising 2 Will Feature Multiple Save Slots, Grateful Fans Applaud Decision

Dead Rising was cool, but was it ever plagued by a HORRIBLE save system. The game featured only one save slot, meaning if you saved a game after making a critical mistake (and before realizing it) you would be stuck with that mistake. It happened to me, and it probably happened to hundreds of thousands of other gamers as well. The game was highly dependent on time, and I saved my game only to discover I had made a mistake that meant when the helicopter arrived to rescue me, I wasn’t there. In order to beat the game properly and get to the next portion, I had to start the ENTIRE game over. It was shitty. Really, really shitty (excuse my French).

Luckily, Keiji Inafune, creator of Dead Rising says that Dead Rising 2 has fixed that problem by allowing gamers to save their progress in multiple save slots. Thank you, Inafune! is updated regularly every day with the latest console news and gaming reviews.

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