Analysts wade into Kinect pricing debate

Too much or just right?

As you would expect assorted analysts have been giving their opinions on yesterday’s Kinect pricing announcement. Jesse Divnich from EEDAR thinks the price is right but others disagree.

Divinch said:

EEDAR feels that $150 is an appropriate price for the Kinect. Previous peripherals with mass-market appeal, such as band kits, have sold millions of units worldwide even while priced north of $150.

Other analysts were less positive though. Not one to keep his opinions to himself games induystry analyst Micheal Pachter said:

The standalone price for Kinect is too high, and core gamers will be put off by the price. At current pricing, it’s only a $30 advantage [over Sony], given that the all-in cost for a complete Move package is $180 and the all-in cost of a standalone Kinect is $150. I don’t see a meaningful threat to the Wii at these prices. The all-in cost of the arcade bundle is $299, still $100 above the Wii, although some people will find that attractive. At this price, it’s not particularly competitive with the Wii.

However he did think sales would do “modestly well”.

I think that both Kinect and Move are priced too high to spark the whole industry, but think that both will sell modestly well.

Most analysts seem to agree the price was about what they expected but clearly there are different predictions of success. Having played both Kinect and Move (more on that next week) recently Microsoft’s system felt more “expensive”. Which is probably why it is (unless you really need a complete Move package). Both were a step up from the Wii though but this is just the start. PS4 and XBox 720 will almost certainly have built in motion control systems based on Kinect/Move. You may not want to splash the cash on motion control now but in the future you may not have a choice.

Anyway, agree with either of the analysts?



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