Nintendo 3DS hands-on photos and FAQ: We test the 3D powerhouse

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Earlier today Nintendo invited us round for a bit of a natter, and a hands-on with its upcoming new console, the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS is a follow up to the hugely successful DS and DSi handhelds, the major difference being that the 3DS lets gamers enjoy their precious vidyagames in glorious 3D, without the need to wear any stupid-looking specs.

Tell me more about that

Happy to! Nintendo says it works thanks to the layered top screen, which features a parallax barrier over the standard display. That layer is covered in tiny slits so that each eye receives a slightly different image. The result is a stereoscopic display without any glasses.

And how does that feel?

We wont beat around the bush, it feels blimmin marvelous. Wearing specs to get your 3D kicks has disadvantages — not only do the stereoscopic lenses make you look like a bit of a tool, they have a tendency to make the image look washed out, and they rob whatever youre watching of some of its brightness. Thats not the case with the 3DSs display, which is extremely colourful and vivid with a resolution of 800×240 pixels. You effectively see that as 400×240, since those pixels are split between each eye. Its looking nice and sharp too.

The 3D image has astonishing depth, and the games and footage we saw stayed in focus the whole time. Its very impressive stuff, and if the 3D element isnt quite right for you, you can tone the effect down, or turn it off completely using a slider on the consoles right side.

I must know more!

Wed recommend checking out our Nintendo 3DS in-depth preview article for the full report, but before doing so why not hype yourself up by clicking through this photo gallery? We have some very sexy close-ups, honest.

As for availability, Nintendo is keeping schtum regarding pricing, and all we know is that it’ll be available sometime before March next year. Fingers crossed for a holiday release then.

What are your thoughts on the 3DS? Are you convinced by the technology? Is it enough to prise you away from your hard-earned cash? Sound off in the comments, or on our Facebook wall, or write a message on a brick and throw it through our office window.

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