Slim PS3 dates and prices confirmed

Following the unveiling of the Slim PS3 at Gamescon in Cologne, Germany yesterday, we can now confirm the release date and final prices.

The new PS3 will hit the shelves on 1 September and will cost £249.99 in the UK or $299.00 in the US. The Euro price will be 299.00.

Starting today the existing PS3 80GB will get an official £50 price cut to £249.99. We believe this will be to just clear existing stocks, which according to earlier reports are already pretty low by now. Once sold out the new PS3 Slim will go it alone.

Sony claims that the new slimmed-down model has been totally re-engineered. The processor is now a 45nm version of the Cell processor that, whilst still running at the same speed as the older 60nm version, uses less power and generates less heat. The power supply and cooling system have also been re-designed allowing engineers to produce a machine that is around thirty-three percent smaller, uses two-thirds the power and is thirty-six percent lighter than the original PS3.

These revisions have allowed Sony to reduce the fan noise of the console which will hopefully help with the often intrusive fan noise experienced during Blu-ray movie viewing.

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