Kinect to get UK madly windmilling its arms on 10 November

Kinect, Microsoft’s controller-less motion-gaming system for the Xbox 360, will arrive in the UK for a spot of arm-flailing action on 10 November.

Kinect will be compatible with all Xbox 360 consoles. There will be 15 Kinect-ible games at launch, the Telegraph reports. The motion-detecting camera, plus a copy of Kinect Adventures, is expected to cost 130.

Kinect was announced under the codename Project Natal in June of last year, as a new type of motion-controlled method of gaming that, unlike the Nintendo Wii and more recently the PlayStation 3, doesn’t require a controller. Instead, Kinect uses a camera and motion-tracking software to allow the player to interact with video games through body movements.

Microsoft has demonstrated some of the applications of Kinect, including kicking the living pixels out of virtual enemies, conversing with a small and slightly creepy digital boy named Milo through face recognition, and voice commands to control video playback.

First out of the gate in the wave-your-arms race, the Wii looks positively ancient now. It’s been out for nearly four years, so it’ll be interesting to see how, or even if, Nintendo will respond — it’s still selling truckloads of the consoles after all.

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