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From arty flicks to Jeremy Kyle, with a hefty dose of arm-waving sporty gaming in between, the PlayStation 3 has it all. Sony has unveiled film streaming from Mubi, telly catch-up with ITV Player, and a new 320GB PS3 package complete with motion-sensing Move gear.

The film-streaming deal is aimed at your more rarefied PlayStation owner. Mubi is full of foreign, indie and arthouse films, from The Tin Drum to The Royal Tenenbaums. The service lets you rate films and discuss them in a no-doubt suitably hoity-toity forum, with your avatar wearing a monocle.

For more plebeian tellythrills, ITV Player will put Coronation Street, Jeremy Kyle and The X Factor on your PS3.

Film streaming and ITV catch-up begins in October. The services will appear on PlayTV’s XrossMediaBar — that’s the cross media bar user interface. Pricing is yet to be confirmed although we do know it will involve an ad-supported subscription plan.

Sony also confirmed the 160GB PlayStation 3 Slim and a Move package, also expected in October. The 160GB Slim replaces the 120GB model but keeps the 250 price tag. A new 320GB PS3 will come with Move webcam kit, one arm-waving Move controller, and Sports Champions game for 285.

Nintendo’s arm-flailing Wii became popular with Wii Sports, but Microsoft’s rival arm-waving Kinect system also arrives in November. 

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