Slim PS3 news: Introducing PlayStation Move

With PlayStation Move, videogames will never be the same again. Find out what awaits you in this revolution of control…

PlayStation Move opens up your world to new and exciting experiences. Exclusive to PlayStation 3, the PS Move motion controller works with the revolutionary PlayStation Eye camera to track your movements and translate them into on-screen actions with amazing accuracy.

The PlayStation Move motion controller is available as a stand alone unit for £34.99, making it an ideal buy if you already own a PlayStation Eye camera. If you don’t have a PlayStation Eye camera, then the PlayStation Move Starter Pack is just for you, featuring a PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye camera and starter disc – which includes an instructional video and demos of a range of titles for the perfect introduction to motion controlled gaming – all for only £49.99.

If you want to expand your PS Move experience, you can also purchase the PlayStation Move navigation controller for intuitive in-game navigation; the PlayStation Move Charging Station to charge up to two PS Move motion controllers or the navigation controller at once; and the PlayStation Move shooting attachment for easier aiming in supported titles.

Wireless and sleekly designed, PS Move is equipped for gaming of all types – whether it’s the pinpoint accuracy of shooting in Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, or the tactile care of cleaning your new magical best friend in EyePet Move Edition. So no matter what you like, there are a wide variety of titles available making sure you’ll never be short of a moving experience. Hitting the shops at the same time as the PlayStation Move motion controller are:

• Sports Champions • Start the Party! • EyePet Move Edition • Kung Fu Rider • Toy Story 3• Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011• Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition• R.U.S.E• Racket Sports

There will be over 40 titles that can use PS Move by March 2011, so make sure you keep up to date with all the freshest PS Move titles and coverage on and

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