Slim PS3 news: PSN Director Wants HBO Quality Programming

The lines are starting to blur between IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) based offerings and those available on traditional mediums such as satellite and cable. Never before have consumers had so many choices about not only what they want to watch, but how they choose to view it. Susan Panico, PlayStation Network director, understands just how quickly that landscape is changing. If her vision comes true, tuning in to the PS3 for original programming like Carnivale or Six Feet Under isn’t too far off.

In a recent interview, Panico commented that she hoped in five years the PlayStation Network would “…be winning Emmys for quality shows.” She went on to share how the The Tester is one piece in a larger goal of delivering video content. Siting what HBO has done as an example of creating original programming, she said that if the PlayStation Network wants to deliver a similar product that they “…need to provide content that people can’t get anywhere else.” Panico followed that up by clearly outlining what direction her team is headed in by saying:

We look at original programming and The Tester as the foundation for building out something much bigger.

With consoles now having the capability to aggregate content from not only the web, but media providers, and home based storage, it seems like the next logical evolution to use it distribute entertainment in this way. If the PlayStation Network could adapt a series of books or stories and turn it into an original hit like Showtime did with Dexter, the console video landscape would suddenly change.

No firm dates were given on when we could see this type of expansion.

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