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Another dose of nostalgic revery from Gamsblog’s Chatterbox.

“I’m a bit embarrassed by my behaviour here to be honest.” With that wretched confession, literary perfectionist Lazybones sent me the fourth iteration of his ‘Best Of’ for the week of October 22-26. It was not to be his last attempt.

It’s all done now though, and alongside news from Fallout and PES, fans of poetry are about to be treated to something very special.

Monday, October 22

Monday’s child is fair of face. Monday’s chat, however, can often lack in comparison to that of its siblings: the sullen, socially awkward, teenage child of chat. This Monday was different, however. Doubtless there was the beer-boasting, the weekend braggadocio, and the low level grumbling. But there was also a new game being played: Fallout New Vegas.

Posts about FNV, as it soon became known, proved something of a minefield. Chat was full of spoilers that many tried to avoid, yet desperately wanted to read. Bugs were mentioned, but these were embraced by many as part of the Fallout charm. Like an old friend, with many faults, whom you couldn’t help but admire.

“Rads”, “Death claws”, “Vaults” and “VATS” … So many living the post-apocalyptic dream. Simian said he had drunk from a toilet. We can only hope he wasn’t talking about his new job.

Other news came in the announcement of the Chatterbox Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 league teams. PES Duce, Goody84, had allocated the squads, basing his process on ability, team preference, internet speed and Bertillonage. Most seemed pleased. We can only hope, for their sakes, that they get their fixtures played.

Hardcore FPS players rejoiced to the news of “nerfed quickscoping” in Call of Duty: Black Ops. A sentence of particular resonance for the eagle-eyed, the cobra-quick … the clown-minded man-child.

Pauses in chat were filled by people discussing James Bond: a perennial topic on which everyone had an opinion. One or two of these were even worth sharing. But possibly not repeating.


Tuesday dawned: and Riadsala heralded the coming winter. “The mornings are starting to fall to the advance of darkness. I am not happy”. Seasonal Affective Disorder? Perhaps. Miffed at people’s moaning about the game of Neptune’s Pride he set up? Probably.

Goody84 revealed the first fixtures for the Chatterbox PES 2011 league: Stoke vs. Real Madrid – the glory tie. Lazybones shadow-boxed with enthusiasm: “When I closed my eyes to sleep last night I saw men running about on a verdant pitch. I was thinking of squares and triangles. It has permeated my consciousness.”

FNV chat kept coming: “Hardcore” mode was discussed; the secret weapon locations revealed. The lack of Dogmeat … bemoaned. WillumCobbers described unhappily some of the characters he had met: “I didn’t like their hairstyles and neither of them complimented me on my moustache.”

As the Killzone 3 beta did the rounds, SerenVikity channelled the spirit of the Krankies with her own highlight: “There is a bit where you can plunge a sharp object through someone’s eye. Fandabadosy”.


Fallout New Vegas day.Deathclaws, eggs, butter and milk underneath a post apocalyptic sun.No Gordon, no Delia, our Masterchef Simian, cook and hunter as one.A Ferris sees nothing other than sand.The blog doesn’t wait to take the boy to hand.”Just you I think” says an English Red.Before the blog turned to the better bred:Lassies from Killie, musically inclined,Cunning in the wings, mister wined and dined.Her mother, sister and granny too,The last said his wanger was the size of a shoe.To finish the day let us all give big shouts,To Sage and his missus and their Thai brussel sprouts.Sage regally wafts duvet to celebrate one year married – Big cheers from the blog back in Blighty.


Still with us? Good. That shows real commitment. You should be proud of yourselves. Let’s talk about Thursday – a mixed bag really.

A typically contentious start to the day came with the result of “Miss Chatterbox 2010″ being leaked, months ahead of the official announcement. Grumblings of a fix lingered.

Gaming talk was the leveller, with the blog’s soup du jour (soup of the day, in French) being Fallout New Vegas. Neptune’s Pride brought out the worst: the dark side of human behaviour, and for a time it looked like it was all about to go down; turn nasty. To salvage this awkward situation? Questions, of course …

“What names do people give their created characters in games?” Check.

“What time does everyone go to bed on a school night?” Check.

“What did you think of those big strapping lads at the weekend, all greased up and rolling about?” Check.

“What is the single best song ever made?”

For once there was consensus on the blog, “Boom! Shake the Room”! by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. BigWorv proved a lone voice of discontent:

“The lack of body oil and ponytails immediately puts it in a far lower league of song.”


Yes?Halloween? Nearly.Elquesodiablo was particularly excited: “It’s the day Rock Band 3 is released. I have decorations for my flat, I’m a pair of green pants and a mask away from having my Green Lantern costume sorted.”

That’s the dream.

As usual NaN Thursday had been a success, and SerenVikity’s foul-mouthed tirades led to talk of being “sweary” over the headsets. Sheep2 hit straight to the point: “Swearing in games. An alternative to competence.”

The FNV love carried on apace, with many tales of wasteland exploits. RustyJames continued in his quest to become the most erratic online strategist; accidentally provoking two conflicts in the even-more-glacial-than-normal Chatterbox game of Neptune’s Pride. Sabres were rattled, threats were made. Fast back-tracking restored only an uneasy peace.

Horror films, suits, Limni’s “girl’s shoes”, boasting about stats, attempts to get quoted in the “Best of”, LARPing confessions, tetchiness, self recrimination and “Favourite Blogger To Game With” – these all came up, plus more. And, as chat descended into bouts of mutual appreciation, October slipped discretely out of the Chatterbox back door.

Quotes of the week

“I’m some form of maniac fantasist.”St00 lays it all out there. Uncomfortable.

“Having a mere passing interest in Warhammer makes you a massive geek whereas you’d need to be a serious anorak about football for that to be considered geeky”. BigWorv gives the blog the benefit of his geek wisdom.

“Who on earth actually likes this? Weirdos and people who like other people to be sick in their mouths, that’s who”.CrispyCrumb loses control of his world.

End game

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This week’s daily compilers were: RustyJames, Limni, mollocate / painstructure, HereComesTreble, Crispycrumb.

“If the enemy is in range, so are you.”


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