news: Free film screening with MUBI

See the Mexican cinema masterpiece, Revolución, at the same time as cinemas around the world for free with MUBI on PlayStation 3!

In a world first, MUBI invites you to host your very own premiere of the brand new festival hit, Revolución, at the same time the film opens on cinema screens around the world for one day only on 20 November 2010.

Revolución brings together ten filmmakers, including Gael García Bernal, Amat Escalante, Gerardo Naranjo, Fernando Eimbcke and Carlos Reygadas to celebrate the centenary of the 1910 Mexican uprising with a compilation of ten short tales told by these visionary directors at the forefront of contemporary Mexican cinema. Make cinematic history with MUBI and join this one of a kind event on Facebook today!

MUBI is the new PlayStation 3 film service that incorporates an incredible online film library for movie lovers. With Facebook and PlayStation Network friends list integration, you can share your cinematic discoveries and viewing experiences, become a fan of a film, rate it or recommend it. Plus, you can find out everything you wanted to know about a director who has captured your imagination, and discover something new by checking out which films your friends have been watching.

Revolución is just one of the many fantastic films featured in MUBI’s breathtaking catalogue of acclaimed independent, international and classic films on your TV screens via your PlayStation 3. Make cinema history and experience Revolución for free for one day only on 20 November 2010 with MUBI on PlayStation 3.

Start watching, sharing and discovering a new world of film masterpieces with MUBI, and download the application from PlayStation Store today, for free.

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