PS3 news: GT5 To Become Biggest-Selling PS3 Game To Date

Games analyst Michael Pachter has told IncGamers that Gran Turismo 5 ‘is likely to be the biggest-selling game for PS3 to date’, but added that it will not be the biggest-selling GT game due to the smaller installed base of PS3 compared to PS2.

The Wedbush Morgan supremo believes that Sony’s forthcoming racer will not sell as many copies as PS2 title Gran Turismo 3 and that it will ‘find it hard’ to top Uncharted 2: Among Theives in terms of quality; a game which boasts a rating of 96% on Metacritic.

Speaking to IncGamers, Pachter said GT5: “Is likely to be the biggest selling game for the PS3 life-to-date, but I don’t think it will be the biggest selling GT of all time. 

“As I recall, Gran Turismo 3 sold around 10 million, maybe more. But the smaller installed base of PS3 compared to PS2 will limit the potential sell through for GT5.”

When asked if he thinks GT5 will be the best PS3 game to date, Pachter replied: “It’s going to be hard to top Uncharted 2, but I’m sure that Sony will try.”

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