PS3 news: Mass Effect 3 PS3 confirmed by Sony Russia

It looks like a Sony Russia rep messed up big time. A Tweet on the SCEE Russia Twitter feed pretty much confirmed Mass Effect 3, according to internet translations.

Speculation has been rife since BioWare revealed that teaser trailer for its as-yet-unnamed new game – which is set to be officially revealed via the SpikeTV Awards in the US on Dec 11 at 8pm PST. But it seems Sony Russia has beat them to it.

According to Ripten, the crazy Russian symbols in the post (pictured) translated to: “Company #BioWare Award for #VideoGameAwards showed a teaser, in which we can see the first footage #MassEffect 3″.

The snapshot on this page is of the post before the whole account was snappily killed off, which does nothing but raise even more eyebrows. It must have been important for such a critical response.

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