news: Play Like a Pro: Dead Nation

Find out how to survive the zombie apocalypse in Dead Nation on PS3 with Housemarque’s tester Tuukka Meklin.

Boom! It’s always a good idea to take advantage of your surroundings in Dead Nation. Be sure to blow up cars and barrels, always search vending machines for health, and shoot cars to set off their alarms – this is a great way to distract the zombie hordes.

Explosive actionUse items in your inventory very carefully because they’re limited. Ensure every grenade destroys as much as possible, and remember that it’s always better to lose an item in Dead Nation than to lose your life and multiplier.

Master blasterMaster the power shot in Dead Nation. It’s the best way to take down multiple zombies all at once, even on the higher difficulty settings. The rifle has infinite ammo so upgrade it and use it to your advantage!

Best defence If you find yourself in a tight spot, tap the L2 button quickly to use the dash manoeuvre. It’s also extremely useful against special enemies such as Jumpers and Bombies. Whatever you do, don’t get too close to a Cutter; two swipes from the giant blades attached to its forearms and you’re dead.

Armour is paramount to survival and costs absolutely nothing in Dead Nation. All you have to do is find the various pieces located throughout the game, so be sure to search every area. You’ll also find more money by doing this, which means more weapons and upgrades. Most importantly, don’t forget to reload your weapons whenever you have the chance.

Shop smart Once you’ve unlocked them, collect multiplier and cash orbs as soon as possible or risk losing up to 50 per cent of their value. It’s also wise to save any money you may have earned for something bigger and better in the Weapons Shops you’ll find at the end of each mission. I would also suggest buying ammunition and items before purchasing upgrades.

Bonus time Additional extra bonuses at the end of a level reward you with up to 30 per cent of your bonus score, so you really can’t afford to miss these if you want to climb the leaderboards on PlayStation Network. You can’t be too slow either when completing a mission because time bonuses are constantly ticking away in the background.

Although the dash manoeuvre gives you a small boost and saves time, be sure to charge it when killing zombies from afar: you will then be able to reach the orbs and claim their full value. If you’re after a challenge or more points, ramp up the difficulty level. A word of warning: the enemies are a lot tougher.

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