news: Call of Duty Black Ops won’t be taken from PS3

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A little brouhaha was started after it was reported that a Playstation 3 owner that was unhappy with the performance of Call of Duty: Black Ops over PSN contacted Activision and got a response that mentioned the option of shutting down the PS3 servers.  Yes, that would be quite the insane move for the biggest selling title of 2010 but don’t worry, it’s not happening as Treyarch can confirm.

Treyarch Community Manager Josh Olin said that the “PS3 Servers” comment in the story from Game Politics was taken out context and that “@Treyarch’s committed to supporting the PS3 community with some great updates on the way.”

So there you go.  One of the more far out internet rumors deftly smacked down with a single Twitter post.

While the issues facing Black Ops online play on the PS3 have been a pain thus far, it would be inconceivable that Activision would abandon PS3.  This rumor was started by a response from an Activision hotline support rep.  So, while we appreciate their work, not the best of sources.

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