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We’re really rather keen on the Nintendo 3DS. In fact we’re about as excited as it’s possible to be without moving this humble tech blog into decidedly top-shelf areas. And it’s easy to see why — Nintendo’s upcoming handheld console offers 3D gaming without the need for stupid glasses.

We’ve thrown together all the images we have on this two-screened titan, for your perusal, so click through the photos above to get familiar.

We learned today that the 3DS will arrive in shops in the UK on 25 March, and while prices will be determined by individual retailers, we’ve seen HMV listing the console online for £230, and other online shops listing the 3DS for just under £200.

That seems like a long time to wait, so er, read this article really slowly, okay? If you finish before the 25th, read our in-depth preview of the 3DS, which is packed full of specs and hands-on impressions.

The 3DS works thanks to parallax-barrier technology, whereby a layer within the screen covered in tiny slits fires two different images in different directions. Line your eyes up with those images and you’ll get a 3D effect without the need for dorky specs.

We found the effect works really well, although if you move your head too far out of the ‘sweet spot’, the effect fails. There’s a handy slider on the right of the 3DS’ top-screen for adjusting the depth of the 3D effect though, so you can make all games 2D if you want.

The 3DS isn’t a one-trick pony though. We’ve recently learned that the 3DS will come packed with content from Sky, Eurosport and Aardman. As well as online play, the 3DS features something called Street Pass, which lets the console automatically swap information with nearby 3DSes, even when it’s folded away in your pocket. Clever girl.

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