PS3 news: Obsession Confessions: Mortal Kombat

As brutal fighting game Mortal Kombat nears its PlayStation 3 release, tell the PlayStation community which of the iconic series’ Fatalities have gruesomely speared your memory.

With its no holds barred fighting and devilish sense of humour, the Mortal Kombat series has entertained with some of the most memorable martial arts moves in beat ‘em up history. The unforgettable finishers, known as Fatalities, ushered in a whole new way to humiliate your opponent at the end of a gruelling fight. Whether it was by spikes, acid, spears or any other number of horrific ends, players thrilled at the words of “finish him!” which prefaced every ferocious Fatality.

Here’s your chance to tell us which Fatality is your favourite. Which finishing move made you squirm? Or maybe you preferred the hilarious Babality and Friendship finishers that were introduced during the early part of the series? Whatever your favourite Fatality is, get over to the official PlayStation Forums at and tell all.

Don’t miss your chance to tell the world your Mortal Kombat Fatality favourites at the official PlayStation Forums. The most popular choices will be published in an article here at with quotes from the community.

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