PS3 Slim news: Demo Guide: PlayStation Move Heroes

Step into the action with the PlayStation Move Heroes demo, available to download from PlayStation Store for free.

Six legends – and you – combine to compete in the dastardly Inter-Universal Games in PlayStation Move Heroes for PlayStation 3. Help Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Sly and Bentley compete by harnessing the power and precision of PlayStation Move.

The PlayStation Move Heroes demo is exclusively available to PlayStation Plus members from 16 March 2011, before going on general release one week later. Limber up with this guide to the action – ready for starter’s orders?

Challenge 1: Survive a Deathbot Uprising

Safe-cracker extraordinaire Sly swaps his trademark cane for the supercharged Thief’s Whip to save the Whibbles held captive by a ruthlessly efficient robot army. It’s down to you to secure their freedom by using the PlayStation Move motion controller to lash out at the mechanical menaces.

Flick the motion controller sharply to dispatch robots one by one, and hold it over your shoulder to charge up the deliciously devastating Super Strike. Stand up and swing your whole arm to get the best results, so whip crack away with a stinging array of combos to shower your screen in nuts, bolts, sparks and glory.Challenge 2: Could You Be So Bowled

Skittle diabolical duo Gleeber and Lunk’s plans by bowling the Whibbles to safety as intrepid explorer Jak. Use the motion controller to help Jak send a powerful ball spinning through energy hoops and rocketing over vast gaps, as you search this expansive level for caged Whibbles.

Essential to success is spotting speed boosts to ricochet off, helping you smash into Whibbles’ cages and netting you a time bonus to ward off the ticking clock. Keep an eye, too, on Jak’s Dark Eco meter in the top left corner of the screen. When this is full, hit the L1 button on the navigation controller or wireless controller to saturate your ball with a destructive dark energy that vaporises obstacles.      

Challenge 3: Whibble Trouble

As high-flying Lombax mechanic Ratchet, use your trusty Omniwrench to bash legions of roving robots so you can free more Whibbles. This time, you must return the newly liberated creatures to Mama Whibble, who monitors your progress from the safety of her hover chair.

Swing the motion controller up, down, left and right to batter your aggressors. The battling Buccaneer robots are not so willing to be turned into scrap metal and you must draw them into rash attacks by blocking them – just press the Move button. Jump out of the way as they attack by swinging the motion controller to one side, and their unguarded back will be exposed for you to strike at.

Challenge 4: Industrial Revolutions

A breezy game of frisbee this isn’t, as Sly’s loyal sidekick, Bentley, steps into the spotlight armed with heavy duty flying discs. With caged Whibbles scattered to every corner of the level, guide each disc between buildings and around obstructions, being careful to nab vital replenishments along the way. It’s all too easy to run out of discs as you get used to manoeuvring them, so be sure to stock up.

Watch out for the green speed hoops – gliding through these catapults you into the air, and you can scoop up two or three Whibbles in one flight.

Challenge 5: A Mine Of Their OwnClank, Ratchet’s ingenious companion, must round up Whibbles scattered across a clutch of sky islands. Aim the motion controller at the screen to blast enemy contraptions into tiny pieces, clearing the way for you to sweep in and rescue the stricken aliens.

While PlayStation Move lets you pick off attackers at will, presenting yourself as a moving target will help you stay in the hunt long enough to rescue every last Whibble.

In the starting blocks and ready to go? Then download the free PlayStation Move Heroes demo to your PS3 from PlayStation Store and sample an unforgettable adventure.

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