news: Batman: Arkham City – IGN Afterparty

IGN: A few weeks ago, some IGN editors were lucky enough to sit down and get a 20-minute demo of Batman: Arkham City. Let us tell you, it was awesome and got us all hot and bothered for the final product from developer Rocksteady.

However, you, the reader, didn’t get to see it. You’ve only been treated to the most recent trailer and our impressions. While we try to give you as much as we can, we know you still have questions and ideas you’d like to see explored.

That’s why we’re debuting Afterparty. Here, IGN saw the game and then reached out to our awesome community on My IGN for questions and discussion points. We took the responses, tossed some in the video above, and then answered different ones in this article.

What did you have to say and how did our bat-nerds — IGN Loudmouth Greg Miller and IGN Big Cheese Hilary Goldstein — answer it? Let’s find out… is updated regularly per day with the latest Free Slim PS3 news.

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