Angry Birds Rio tips past 10 million iPhone and Android downloads

Is the world getting bored of Angry Birds? Obviously not. The game’s developer Rovio Mobile says the latest version, Angry Birds Rio, flew past the 10 million downloads milestone just 10 days after being released for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Fittingly, the news came in a tweet late last week. “10 in 10 :-) Angry Birds Rio breaking all records. A massive thanks to all our fans!!!!” tweeted the official @RovioMobile account. The company then confirmed that this related to 10 million downloads of the game in all its forms.

Which are? Well, this isn’t 10 million paid downloads. On the iPhone and iPad, Angry Birds Rio is sold for £1.79, but on Android it’s free on Google’s Android Market and Amazon’s Appstore for Android — although the latter is only live in the US at the moment. We’re guessing Android accounted for the lion’s share of the downloads in that first 10 days.

It shows the appetite for Angry Birds remains undimmed, despite there now being three versions of the game on the go: the original version, the new Rio edition, and the Angry Birds Seasons game that was recently updated with new St Patrick’s Day levels.

Angry Birds Rio ties into a new animated movie, Rio, which is being released this month. The gameplay follows the pattern of previous games in the series, except with one big difference: no pigs.

Instead, for the first half of the game you’re trying to bust other colourful birds free of their cages, including two of the film’s characters, Blu and Jewel. Later in the game, you get a new animal enemy to dive-bomb, in the form of nefarious monkeys.

Angry Birds Rio’s release came alongside another movie-themed update of a much-loved iPhone game: Doodle Jump. It’s got a new version based on another family flick, Hop, and is available for free on the App Store. What next? Cut The Rope: Spider-man Edition? Now that might just work…

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