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Compelling Xbox Indie game combines Lemmings and Line Rider, and comes to PC complete with brilliantly simple level editor.

It’s not everyday a developer creates a custom level for you, so thanks to Blitz Games Studios for this masterwork. The image depicts me as interpreted by Your Doodles Are Bugged, a charming indie puzzler created by lone coder, Johannes Hubert. Combining elements of Line Rider and Lemmings, the game involves directing a large group of teeny bugs through a doodled landscape, using a pen to draw bridges and steps so they can navigate safetly to a golden pot of honey.

The original version was released on the Xbox Indie Games service last year, but now Hubert is preparing to launch a new PC version via Steam, with the help of Blitz 1up, the Leamington developer’s admirable initiative to help small studios get their games published.

Due out on April 25, the re-worked version of YDAB adds achievments, new game modes and leaderboards. But the key addition is a user-friendly editor, which lets you create and share your own doodled levels. You can either use the in-game palette, which is full of useful shapes and objects, or you can scan in your own photos and the game automatically uses the imagery to create workable stages.

I’m sure that if you put in a lot of time and effort you may, just may, be able to come up with a screenshot more beautful than the one above.


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