KMart let new PlayStation 3 details slip?

US retailer KMart have added more weight to the expectation of a PlayStation 3 Slim announcement later today. A banner has been found deep on their website advertising a ‘new PS3’ along with a ‘new price’ for the existing unit.

This news prompt us to conclude that the existing ‘fat’ PS3 will continue alongside the new ‘slim’ unit, something which surprised us considering the recent news of retailers struggling to acquire stock.

In additional to listing the standard PS3 features of Blu-ray, Free PlayStation Network membership, Dual Shock 3 controller and HDMI output, the size of the hard drive is also revealed as 120GB.

There was no sign of a release date or whether a price cut could be expected. We’d maybe expect the slim (if that’s what is coming) to remain at the current RRP and the existing unit to be reduced in line with what the advert states.

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