Slim PS3 news: Demo Guide: Ape Escape

Prepare to catch those menacing monkeys with the Ape Escape demo – free to download from PlayStation Store.

The monkeys are coming! Chimps from outer space are on their way to Earth in UFOs to wreak havoc, and only you can stop them. Arm yourself with your PlayStation Move motion controller and read on to find out how to defeat those pesky primates.

Get in the swing

Before you go tackling the apes in the demo, you need to know how to use your gadgets – your motion controller can be transformed into amazing weapons to help you confront the enemy.

First up is the Monkey Net. This oversized fishing accessory is the perfect tool to capture any chimps causing mayhem. As an ape runs towards you, quickly swipe your motion controller down over their heads and trap them.

Next, get to grips with the powerful Smasher. Is there something in your way? Are monkeys hurling bananas at you? Furiously use your Smasher to bash items out of the way by swinging your motion controller from side to side.

Your third gadget is the Slingshot. Press the Move button to aim your shot and release it to take down incoming spaceships or give an unsuspecting monkey a nasty shock.

Gadget upgrade

Along with the three initial weapons are two Super Gadgets – souped-up tools for extreme chimp catching. Keep your eyes peeled for batteries lying around, pick them up and press the Move and T buttons at the same time to watch your motion controller turn into an amazing on-screen Super Gadget.

If you see a troop of monkeys looking like they’re about to cause trouble, take them all out in one go with the Ape Vacuum. The furry fellows won’t stand a chance when you hoover them up.

The second Super Gadget is the Banannerizer. Use this on chimps to transform them into bananas then whack them with your Smasher to score loads of delicious points. The Ape Escape demo will all also train you to switch between gadgets and scan your surroundings for hiding monkeys.

Time for capture

Once you’ve learnt how to use the gadgets, it’s time to put them into action. The Ape Escape demo allows you to play through one full Capture battle – the mode that challenges to you trap the apes and stop them from stealing your bananas.

Play through a monkey-infested house and see if you can catch Wisco, Graham, Coconut and loads more as they make a mess and try to steal your precious fruit.

So, for some non-stop monkey madness, download the Ape Escape demo today – free from PlayStation Store. is updated several times each day with the latest Slim PS3 news and reviews.

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