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Update: A commenter helpfully pointed out that the Wii U won’t support GameCube games or controllers, so we’ve updated this story accordingly.

Close-up snaps of the Wii U have emerged that show off the new console’s port selection, including an HDMI port.

The snaps come courtesy of a site called Inside Games, and give us a good look at the Wii U console itself. Despite showing off its new machine at the E3 expo, Nintendo’s been pretty cagey about letting anyone investigate the actual console, preferring instead to let people get to grips with the quirky new controller. As big as a dinner plate, it rocks a 6.2-inch touchscreen.

There’s not a whole lot to glean from the snaps, though from examining the back (in the photo above) it looks like the power supply and sensor bar port are unchanged. Hopefully this means we’ll be able to use our existing Wii cables with the new console.

It also gives us a warm shiver to spy an HDMI port nestled around the back. HD gaming is something the Wii sorely lacks compared to its hi-def, highfalutin Xbox and PS3 rivals.

All Wii Remotes and Wii accessories will play nicely with the Wii U, but this is the point at which Nintendo stops supporting GameCube controllers and games.

Elsewhere the Wii U looks much like the Wii (ie rather boring, like a miniature air conditioner), but with trendier, rounded edges.

Still, there’s every chance that what you see in the photos above will change by the time the Wii U is released next year. We hypothesised in our preview that one of the reasons for Nintendo holding the console back was that designs weren’t final yet.

More news as it comes — in the meantime let us know what you think of the Wii U in the comments, or on our motion-controlled Facebook page.

Image credit: Inside Games

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