Slim PS3 news: 10 of the Best: Platinum trophies

Calling all hoarders! Here’s a rundown of ten of the most satisfying platinum trophies to hunt on PlayStation 3.

Great games keep you coming back for more – and the best trophies on PlayStation 3 extend these experiences even further. The Holy Grail for many gamers is the platinum trophy, the shimmering award that proves you’ve collected all other trophies in a game.

In a new regular feature, we’ll be asking you to tell us about your most satisfying platinum trophies. Look out for the new Trophy Cabinet thread in the official PlayStation Forums at, and tell us the game, how challenging you found the path to platinum and how you managed it.

Join the hunt before 21 July 2011, when we’ll publish the best suggestions and advice on Until then, here are ten classic platinum trophies to get you started.

inFamous 2It pays to be both good and bad in inFamous 2. Trophies are awarded to you according to your karma level, a great reason to play through this electric adventure at least twice: once as a hero and once as a heartless wrecking ball. Plus, the vibrant city of New Marais hides hundreds of secrets. Rounding these up will send you on your way to a hugely enjoyable platinum trophy.

Killzone 3Destroying enemy drop ships on a burning highway, blowing away chasing tanks in a white-knuckle pursuit, sneaking past elite Helghast troops in a claustrophobic jungle… The best trophies in Killzone 3 are the ones which get your heart rattling round your ribcage – and with a blend of frantic online multiplayer gauntlets and hidden, story-related challenges to master on your way to platinum, your pulse rate never drops into double digits.

Mass Effect 2Most of the trophies in this interstellar saga are actually hard to miss, being awarded as you complete certain chapters in the vast story. Some, however, are fiendish, like the Insanity trophy, awarded for completing the game on the difficulty setting of the same name. It’s one of the most talked about platinum trophy hunts in the official PlayStation Community, being both achievable and highly challenging at the same time.

Dead Space 2There’s so much going on in the Sprawl space station that trophy hunting might be the least of your worries. And it’s meant to be – most trophies have you racking up inventive kills or scanning the impressive, oppressive environment for secrets, switching the pace from all-out survival to one of exploration. Coming back on an easier difficulty setting helps notch up many of these trophies – providing you can bear to return to Sprawl.

LittleBigPlanet 2Sackboy’s world isn’t just full of wonderful gizmos and random objects. There’s a lengthy list of trophies to round up, and although LittleBigPlanet 2 might be a cheery world of creative adventure, these rewards aren’t won easily. To snap up that elusive platinum, you’ll have to push Sackboy to the limit. Levels must be aced, leader boards scaled and your imagination engaged in top gear to succeed.  

Uncharted 2: Among ThievesScramble through the incredible world depicted in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and not only is your breath taken away, but your reflexes and aim are improved. With many of the trophies that lead to platinum requiring precise shooting and fighting, this is actually a trail that gets easier the more you play.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Fear is overcome in this classic chiller by achieving platinum trophy status. Almost half of the trophies come from completing story chapters, and the difficulty is really ratcheted up when you blaze a trail through the game on the Professional setting. Luckily, the game is split into manageable episodes so you can jump straight into areas where you might have missed something.

Fallout 3Not only is the sprawling, nuclear wilderness of Fallout 3 one of the eeriest on PlayStation 3, but its trophies come with cheeky artwork of the game’s iconic Vault Boy. Reaching the hallowed platinum status means thinking hard about every choice you make, as the wrong decision can block a trophy-yielding mission later on. There’s a huge amount of background information on each mission however, so clues to progress are never hard to find.

Need For Speed Hot PursuitTrophy hunting doesn’t get much faster than in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, a game which mixes shattering the speed limit with climbing the social ladder. Your platinum pursuit will take in online achievements like sharing cool photos of your chases with friends, while your bravery at speeds of close to 200 miles per hour will be pushed to the brink in police supercars.

Red Dead RedemptionThe stakes are high on the platinum trophy trail in this dusty, widescreen epic. Whether it’s a poker game, a brawl with a grizzly bear or a showdown at high noon, Red Dead Redemption packs in some of the riskiest trophies around. Thankfully, careful saving prior to attempting each trophy will safeguard against any fatal errors.

Head to and share your platinum trophy advice with the PlayStation Community before 21 July 2011. We’ll then publish the best suggestions here on is updated several times per day with the latest Slim PS3 news and reviews.

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