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Master the creative tools of this electric adventure thanks to hints and advice from developer Sucker Punch.

Save the world or destroy it – or create it, thanks to the expansive User-Generated Content mode of inFamous 2. You can devise unique missions on PlayStation 3 and upload them via PlayStation Network to add to the ever-evolving flow of new challenges for the inFamous 2 community.

Bombard the city of New Marais with exploding disco balls, create ice sculptures taller than any building or beat enemies into submission with a succession of terrible jokes. There’s something to satisfy even the most surreal imagination.

Here, we pick three of the best nuggets of insider, do-it-yourself knowledge from the people who know best – the developers at inFamous 2 studio Sucker Punch.

Trigger happy gaming  Random events occurring in your creations can be kicked off by using special triggers. These make your missions feel unpredictable and exciting, while also letting you fine-tune parameters such as climactic set pieces. So, you could take down and restrain an enemy without disrupting the mission, or you might want an object to explode when a mission ends. Triggers are crucial to keeping players on their toes.

Bend logic to your willLearn about the mysteries of logic boxes, and make your missions some of the most dynamic and engaging around. Different combinations of logic boxes set the conditions for each mission – such as start and end points – and let you build up content layer by layer, forming a network that buzzes with your ideas.

Keep track of the conditions you set using the Smart Text box in the bottom left of the screen. It updates automatically as you add logic boxes and acts as a dynamic summary of how your mission will play out.  

Pick a pathInfluencing how a non-playable character (NPC) behaves in inFamous 2 is much easier than you might think. You simply need to choose an NPC and decide how he, she or it should behave. Set path points and create a mission script using the logic boxes, and you’ll be able to introduce a target, an enemy or a sidekick to your scene.

For real drama, why not create multiple characters and paths? Imagine creating a chase sequence in an assassination mission through heaving city streets, for instance. It’d be tense, but with careful planning you could make the crowd part at just the right moment to provide the player with a clear shot at the target.   

Give your mind free rein in New Marais. Discover a host of essential tips by visiting PlayStation.Blog at, where you’ll find a series of User-Generated Content tutorial videos from Sucker Punch.

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