Slim PS3 news: Introducing Resistance: Burning Skies

Find out how you will become the Resistance in an entirely new way on PlayStation Vita.

Some fantastic PS Vita titles were announced at gamescom 2011, and one that has really got the crowds buzzing is Resistance: Burning Skies. The explosive first person shooter was announced during Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s press conference and has set a high bar for shooters on the upcoming handheld.

Frank Simon, senior producer at SCEA and Rob Huebner, CEO of Nihilistic Software, took through a level that begins in the Ellis Island research facility, where humans are investigating Chimera technology. Playing as a new protagonist – New York fireman turned hero Tom Riley – fans will blast their way through an original storyline while using an impressive set of the PS Vita system’s features.

Frank Simon told us how the title will bring new elements to the game while remaining true to the Resistance series. “We’re bringing back a lot of favourite enemies from the previous games, so you’ll see a lot of familiar faces if you’ve played past Resistance titles. We’re also introducing new enemies both big and small and are trying to include all of the weapons that are fan favourites, along with new ones. From a developer’s perspective, it’s like the platform was designed for first person action games and shooters. PS Vita has a big, rich screen, high resolution and dual analog sticks and I really don’t know what more we could ask for.”

Resistance: Burning Skies also takes advantage of the PS Vita system’s touch screen, on stage we saw how it was seamlessly used for the secondary fire of some of the weapons on show, to aim and fire grenades and to quickly switch attack with Riley’s trusty fire axe when you’re in trouble.

Rob Huebner explained how PS Vita is perfectly suited for first person shooter titles and expressed his excitement at how PS Vita enhances the gaming experience. “We’re keeping all of the hallmarks of a fast and frantic first person shooter, while taking full advantage of the of PS Vita system’s hardware. It’s the good analog sticks that make all the difference in the world for a first person shooter.”

Fans can look forward to a new story, levels and environments when the game launches exclusively on PS Vita.

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