news: Demo Guide: God of War Collection Volume II

Discover how to display some godlike skills in the free PlayStation Store demo of God of War Collection Volume II.

The wrath of the gods has been unleashed in God of War Collection Volume II on PlayStation 3 – and you have the chance to experience the thrilling adventure that awaits. Get a taste of this incredible journey through Kratos’s past with the demo, downloadable now from PlayStation Store.

Check out these top tips to help you smash your foes in true Spartan style in the demo, which features the opening level from God of War: Ghost of Sparta – one of two epic games found in God of War Collection Volume II. You can also play this demo in amazing stereoscopic 3D if you have a TV that supports stereoscopic 3D display and 3D compatible glasses.

Stay fresh to stay alive

Even in this early section of God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Kratos has a range of attacks that would make any deity green with envy. This is why you should get used to trying different attacks when you can, putting you in good stead for the full game.

Defence is key

While it’s tempting to wade into battle using the powerful Blades of Athena, make sure you’re also comfortable with blocking and evading. Enemies can be surprisingly quick even at this early stage in the game, so master Kratos’s defensive moves to keep the angry Spartan from a grisly doom.

Stay as sharp as the Blades of Athena

Even the boat journey to the lost city of Atlantis is treacherous. You would be wise to pay attention all the time, as you never know where the next threat lurks. Along with deadly enemies looking to turn you into fish food, there are also a few on-screen button pressing mini-games you’ll need to master to defeat the gigantic, fabled sea monster Scylla.

Scylla thriller

The monstrous sea-dwelling horror, Scylla, may seem intimidating due to her size and ferocity – however, a clear and careful mind can tame her with ease. When you face off for a battle on the shores of Atlantis, avoid her lashing tentacles and then hit her with jumping attacks. Scylla’s crushing claw swipes can be blocked or parried with good timing, leaving her open for a counter with the Blades of Athena.

With the tide of battle turning, your colossal foe will retreat and spawn her spider-like brood on you. They’re easily dispatched with throws and any regular attacks you unleash can also hit Scylla as a bonus, so show no mercy. Defeated brood reward you with energy orbs, preparing you for the final stages of this confrontation…


Make sure your Spartan skills are up to scratch by the time God of War Collection Volume II launches on PlayStation 3 on 16 September 2011 – download the demo from PlayStation Store now. is updated regularly per day with the latest Free PlayStation 3 news and reviews.

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