Tech Weekly podcast: 3D gaming, Carol Bartz leaves Yahoo

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On this week’s programme, Guardian games correspondent Keith Stuart leads pod regulars Aleks Krotoski and Jemima Kiss through the crystal clear – and occasionally terrifying – world of 3D gaming. At the Develop confernce in Brighton this summer, Keith met Ian Bickerstaff, head of Sony’s 3D research and development group, who divulged the future of interactivity with and without the 3D specs.

Before she departs for a spot of maternity leave, Jemima’s potty mouth punctuates the rest of the podcast, with news that mobile handset manufacturer HTC is considering a move into the operating system space, the business sense behind ousted Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz’s latest outbursts against the management of her former employers, the search/content/advertising company’s alleged in-bed relationship with industry stalwart AOL, and Amazon’s intentions to become the world’s biggest ebook library.

All this and more from Tech Weekly from the Guardian.

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Aleks Krotoski

Keith Stuart

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