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Slim PS3 already in stores

Sony’s new Slim PS3 console in already in the shops! Online retailers and GameStop are already showing them as in stock whilst some high street stores including Best Buy are reported to already have them on the shelves.

It remains to be seen what the level of demand will be like for the console and just how many units Sony have managed to get out into the retail chain.

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Gamestop suggesting early delivery for Slim PS3

Retailer GameStop is allowing customers to pre-order the new Slim PS3 online and in its stores whilst giving an indicated shipping date of 25 August. This is obviously several days before the consoles actual release date of 1 September so anyone ordering now could well receive their new slimmed down PS3 a good few days prior to availability on the high street.

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Slim PS3 dates and prices confirmed

Following the unveiling of the Slim PS3 at Gamescon in Cologne, Germany yesterday, we can now confirm the release date and final prices.

The new PS3 will hit the shelves on 1 September and will cost £249.99 in the UK or $299.00 in the US. The Euro price will be 299.00.

Starting today the existing PS3 80GB will get an official £50 price cut to £249.99. We believe this will be to just clear existing stocks, which according to earlier reports are already pretty low by now. Once sold out the new PS3 Slim will go it alone.

Sony claims that the new slimmed-down model has been totally re-engineered. The processor is now a 45nm version of the Cell processor that, whilst still running at the same speed as the older 60nm version, uses less power and generates less heat. The power supply and cooling system have also been re-designed allowing engineers to produce a machine that is around thirty-three percent smaller, uses two-thirds the power and is thirty-six percent lighter than the original PS3.

These revisions have allowed Sony to reduce the fan noise of the console which will hopefully help with the often intrusive fan noise experienced during Blu-ray movie viewing.

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Slim PS3 unboxed

Engadget have gbeen the first with the Slim PS3 unboxing ceremony thanks to Sony themselves turning up with one at their door this morning! To us it look a little ‘unremarkable’ next to the original ‘phat’ PS3 but it certainly is a lot slinkier. A few pictures below, all thanks to Engadget:

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Slim PS3 confirmed

It’s here!

Sony have finally announced the much rumoured Slim PS3 during their press conference at the GamesCom event in Cologne, Germany.

The new version of their flagship console will go on sale at the beginning of September and will retail for around 299 Euro or $299 USD, with the final exact figures yet to be confirmed.

Surprisingly the existing PS3 will continue on sale but at a reduced price. Whether this will be a permanent thing or if it is just to clear existing stocks remains to be seen. The reduced price will be effective as of tomorrow (19 August).

We’ll bring you more posts soon with pictures, videos and more news on the now-definite Slim Ps3.

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KMart let new PlayStation 3 details slip?

US retailer KMart have added more weight to the expectation of a PlayStation 3 Slim announcement later today. A banner has been found deep on their website advertising a ‘new PS3’ along with a ‘new price’ for the existing unit.

This news prompt us to conclude that the existing ‘fat’ PS3 will continue alongside the new ‘slim’ unit, something which surprised us considering the recent news of retailers struggling to acquire stock.

In additional to listing the standard PS3 features of Blu-ray, Free PlayStation Network membership, Dual Shock 3 controller and HDMI output, the size of the hard drive is also revealed as 120GB.

There was no sign of a release date or whether a price cut could be expected. We’d maybe expect the slim (if that’s what is coming) to remain at the current RRP and the existing unit to be reduced in line with what the advert states.

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Sony prepared to ramp up PS3 production

The Sony Corporation have reportedly ordered enough components to enable them to manufacture around one million PlayStation 3 units during the final quarter of 2009. The UK’s Daily Telegraph reports that this is roughly double the number of consoles manufactured during the previous three months.

Even taking into account the holiday sales rush, doubling production suggests that Sony are poised to make an announcement surrounding the console that will lead to a surge in sales. This would either be a price cut, a new version of the console (such as the much-rumoured PS3 slim) or even both.

We expect all to be revealed at the imminent GamesCom conference in Cologne, Germany

Please stay tuned for more information as we get it.

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Japanese and UK retailers struggling for PS3 stock

The persistent rumours that a new PlayStation 3 model is coming are being fuelled by news that several UK and Japanese retailers are struggling to source sufficient stock of the current PS3 console. According to Wedbush Morgan, PS3 stock is becoming increasingly difficult to source with retailers in Japan being told that they wouldn’t receive any units after 8 August whilst UK retailers are not able to place any new orders until the end of August. Both events point to a potential model change.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is expected to make an announcement at the new GamesCom event in Cologne, Germany sometime today. Until then nobody really knows what to expect but we’ll keep you posted as soon as there’s some more news.

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