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Add color to your Slim PS3 console

Is your new Slim PS3 looking a little dull? Maybe you miss the shine of the original PS3?

Well despair no more, US company colorware have released a very bright and cheerful range of Slim PS3 consoles, just check out the photo below. Their durable painting process covers not only the casing but also the DualShock controller.

Colorware Painted Slim PS3

Colorware Painted Slim PS3

The cost is a rather reansonable £149, or you can buy the whole Slim PS3 package from them for $449. Go on, brighten up your PS3 gaming.

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Uncharted 2 released in Europe 16 October

Sony has confirmed the European release date of the hotly anticipated Uncharted 2: Among Thieves as 16 October, just one day after the US release.

This should please fans as the title was originally scheduled for a 23 October release after the date was leaked on Twitter by the developers (Naughty Dog) co-president, Christophe Balestra.

There’s no word on whether Europe will get the rumoured Uncharted 2 Slim PS3 bundle, but we’d possibly expect an announcement by Sony at this weeks Tokyo Game Show. We’ll let you know as soon as something more definite becomes available.

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Order Pizza on your PlayStation!

The PlayStation 3 has finally come of age. Is this down to an exciting new game or a must-have accessory I hear you ask? Well, it’s not any of these but something much more exciting. You can now order Pizza through your PS3!

Papa John’s Pizza can now be ordered straight from the consoles main start up page, just next to the YouTube link. Clicking on the Papa John’s link shows you a version of the pizza chains site where you can order your favourite toppings straight from the comfort of your armchair.

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Uncharted 2 PS3 250GB bundle coming soon?

The rumours of a 250GB Slim PS3 look to be fairly accurate, with Sony even having such a device officially tested with the Federal Communications Commission. It was just a question of how soon the console would be released.

Such as release could be just around the corner with Engadget publishing a photo of a 250GB PS3 Uncharted 2 bundle. There’s no confirmation from Sony that this bundle is for real but the pictures look pretty convincing to us.

Source: Engadget

Source: Engadget

Uncharted 2 the game is released on 13 October and with the Tokyo Game Show taking place next week this seems an ideal time to officially announce such a package. We’d expect the bundle to be available on the same day as the game.

Please check back for news of the official confirmation in the coming weeks.

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Slim PS3 sales drop after launch week

PlayStation 3 sales figures in Japan have dropped from the huge 151,000 we saw in the first week the SLim PS3 was launched back down to a more regular 55,344 consoles. Despite the drop those figures still keep the PS3 ahead of its main rivals the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

Here are the full figures courtesy of Media Create

  • PlayStation 3 – 55,344
  • Wii – 17,568
  • Xbox 360 – 7,568
  • PlayStation 2 – 2,612

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Great new Slim PS3 exclusives coming the year

The already impressive Slim PS3 sales since launch will inevitably slow in the next few weeks, although with the holiday season fast approaching it looks as though sales won’t slow down for long. Coming to help push Slim PS3 sales are a raft of Sony-exclusive titles, all scheduled for release before the end of the year. If you want to play these then you need a PlayStation console. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s coming:

Gran Turismo 5
The long awaited diving sim will surely be the hottest game yet on the PS3 when it finally arrives, hopefully later this year. Expect special bundle packs including the console and game so if you’re waiting to but a Slim PS3 then you might be best waiting for this one to arrive.

God of War: Collection
PS2 favourites will be released on the Playstation 3 this autumn and with enhancements such as 720p resolution, 60 frames per second support and trophy implementation there will be something to add to the experience if you’ve already played the games on the previous generation consoles.

Demon’s Souls
This already released in Japan role player promises to provide a deep and enthralling world filled with some seriously scary creatures. With a relative lack of RP games on the PlayStation platform we’d expect this to be a big seller.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Although it is based on the Xbox 360 title Ninja Gaiden II the PS3 version promises to contain plenty of exclusive content such as new bosses, game play alterations and all-new playable characters. You can also expect improved graphics and a two player online gaming option.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

As a successor to the popular Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune this exclusive should be  worthwhile improvement to the original. As well as improved graphics players can expect various online modes to be introduced.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
Another addition to the popular Ratchet & Clank series should always be a big seller. With this release expect far features more varied game play including some exciting new space exploring segments. Another great Slim PS3 exclusive to look forward to.

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Gran Turismo 5 out 25 September in UK?

PlayStation website PSBeyond is claiming that the long awaited Gran Turismo 5 will be released in the UK on 25 September. They say that the source of the date has come direct from a Sony official. Although the date conveniently coincides with the Tokyo Games Show 2009 it seems a little too close for us, although as we have seen with the Slim PS3 Sony are quite able to release something pretty soon after an announcement.

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Slim PS3 GT5 bundle coming December?

French website JeuxVideo have clamed that a new Gran Turismo 5 bundle containing the Slim PS3 and the game will be launched on 4 December 2009. Their evidence is that they have an SKU (product code) for the package.

Nothing has been confirmed by Sony, but considering their denial of the Slim PS3 we’re not too surprised by this.

Whether it’s true or not we don’t know, but as GT5 will probably be the PlayStation 3’s biggest game and with a release date before the holiday season, we’re pretty sure Sony won’t miss an opportunity to put out such a bundle.


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Slim PS3 uses half the power of original PlayStation 3

Cnet have conducted a power consumption test between the new and original PS3 consoles. There findings reveal that, thanks to the new smaller and more energy efficient Cell Processor, the Slim uses less than half the juice a normal PS3 would. They reckon a US gamer on the console for 20 hours a week would save around $14 USD a year. Not something that makes it worthwhile upgrading, but if you’ve already got a slim then it’s a worthwhile saving. They also tested a Samsung BD-P3600 which came out even better than the slim for purely Blu-ray watching power consumption.

Get the full article here.

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Slim PS3 vs Xbox 360 sales figures

Since the PS3 Slim started appearing in the retail chain around 25 August, sales of the revised console have rocketed by a huge 104% to 75,931 units sold that week, up from 37,167 consoles the week prior to the new model being released. This doesn’t tell the whole story however as the Slim PS3 wasn’t fully available until the week after these figures were collected meaning that the next set of figures will probably see an even larger jump in sales.

During the same period the Xbox 360 also saw a sales increase of 32% where it sold 74,689 units compared to 56,448 the previous week. An impressive total considering that it only had a price cut to boost sales rather than a new console.

Devoid of either a new console or a price cut Nintendo suffered a 4% drop in the same period, although it still shifted 74,245 units. Perhaps the most remarkable statistic from these figures for us is how close in sales all of the consoles are, with less than 2,000 units covering the best to worst performers.

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