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Tech Weekly podcast: Tax relief for games U-turn, Google’s chess game with China, xxx – porn’s new name – Console news

Aleks Krotoski and Charles Arthur are joined by Tom Watson MP and Richard Wilson of the video games industry body TIGA to discuss this week’s headline technology news.

The podcast team tackle the latest announcement from ICANN, who have released the .xxx as a top-level domain for adult sites. ICM Registry, the company that has been fighting for this for almost a decade, will now be able to sell websites with this suffix for $60 a pop. But who will buy?

Tom talks us through the prices of government websites, and explains why 75% of them are to be culled by the end of the year.

The shockwaves after George Osborne’s first budget speech are beginning to ricochet through the creative sector, and none more destructively than in the video games industry. The once-thriving network of developers and publishers had been expecting tax credits for new software development, as promised by Alastair Darling in March, but Osborne’s cuts have reversed this advance. Richard Wilson talks us through the implications, while Tom explains what may have happened.

Charles also explains the latest in the unfolding diplomatic battle between Google and China, in the week that the search company explicitly asked Chinese web consumers to redirect to their uncensored search facility in Hong Kong.

Finally, we look at a new search service called, set up by the digital native Marcel Gashi, an 18-year-old serial digital entrepreneur.

Aleks Krotoski

Charles Arthur

Tom Watson

Scott Cawley

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PlayStation news: PSN application launches on Facebook

Want to give your Facebook profile a PlayStation Network make-over? Find out how…

If you enjoy the Facebook features PlayStation 3 offers, allowing you to proudly show off your hard-earned trophies and share game and event related information with friends, then you’re in for a treat. Facebook integration on PS3 is about to get even better.

Once you’ve linked your Facebook account to your PlayStation Network online ID and a PSN application has been installed to your Facebook profile on your PC from, you’ll have a world of options available to you from your Facebook profile page. You can browse your PSN friend list, check their PSN status to see if they’re online, skim through their trophy information and compare it with yours, and invite Facebook friends to become PSN friends as long as they have the app installed. All your activity will be published to your Facebook newsfeed, so all your friends will be kept bang up to date on your PSN excellence.

There will be even more features for this application over time, so install the new Facebook app at to enhance your Facebook profile with PlayStation 3, and remember you can become a fan of the Facebook PlayStation fan page at

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PlayStation news: See The Future of PS3™ First – Episode 13

Episode 013 of FirstPlay is packed full of previews and reviews

Episode 13 of FirstPlay is on the Store this Wednesday and leading the way this episode is the first lady of PlayStation, Lara Croft. This week we have a HD preview of her new top-down adventure game, The Guardian Of Light.

Aside from Lady Lara we have catch-up reviews of two of the best games released this summer, Activision’s fizzing combat racer Blur, and the brilliant motorcycle platformer Joe Danger from the heroic four-man team at Hello Games. Rounding out HD reviews and previews we also have a look at Mel Gibson’s conspiracy thriller Edge Of Darkness.

On top of that we’ve also got a round-up of the latest minis, a browse through the PSN movie store, and a look at downloadable PS3 games Anarchy: Rush Hour, Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown and Kick-Ass. And we’ve got our regular batch of screenshot galleries, which this week include Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Brink, Fallout: New Vegas and Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

Episode 13 also features our exclusive demo of Backbreaker, and don’t forget that the minis we gave away in episodes 7 to 10 – Echoes, Blast Off, Age Of Zombies and Aero Racer – are all still available to download for our regular price of 99p.

As ever, episode 013 costs just 99p, or you can snap up a money saving 90-day subscription for just £8.99.


We’d also like to remind you that you can stay in touch with all things FirstPlay by following us on Twitter at @firstplay_uk and on our Facebook page: FirstPlay (official). We also have a YouTube channel up and running here

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Ex-Sony boss predicts new consoles in 2012-13

Capcom boss thinks Kinect and 3D are stopgaps before new consoles.

Ex-Sony Europe boss David Reeves thinks new consoles may be released sooner than thought. In an interview with Reeves – now working for Capcom – thinks motion control and 3D are a stopgap before new consoles arrive in 2-3 years.

Two to three years, I reckon so. I don’t have any inside information. All the first-parties have got to be working on something. The tricky thing is when do you put a stake in the ground on technology? That’s the problem. You can be waiting a few extra months to implement something, but you’ve got to set a date to go with a certain chip at a certain point otherwise you’re going to miss the key milestones.

Reeves talks about Kinect and how he important he thinks it is for Microsoft.

If you map it out the Xbox 360 is right up in the corner and it has certain types of games associated with it. And Microsoft knows that in ten years time they can’t be there, they have to be appealing to families. And I reckon that strategically it’s absolutely the right move. It’s almost like two steps back and one step forward. They are right to separate Kinect from everything else.

Reeves also mentions the increasing costs of developing core titles and why downloadable content could be the future:

Where it has to get creative is with games like Grand Theft Auto and Halo, you’ve got to reinvent yourself for a new generation, and that’s difficult, especially as these games cost $50-$70 million. In terms of downloadable content as long as the content holders – the labels, the artists – aren’t too greedy, that’s really where the money is. Because otherwise you’re spending $60 million to create a new game. To produce Rock Band the guys at Harmonix are brilliant. They’re not doing a lot of graphical work, it’s not very expensive for them. SingStar was exactly the same, it becomes a licensing business in a way.

When asked about 3D Reeves was positive about the benefits for developers, but less so for consumers:

It only takes five or six lines of code to change it from a normal game to a 3D game. I remember working on MotorStorm and the guys did a 3D level in about three weeks. What I think we’ll see is that certain parts of a game will work very well in 3D and you won’t need to make a whole game in 3D. The other aspect is it’s quite a strange feeling to play games in 3D. I’ve played quite a lot, 15-20 games and not necessarily Capcom titles, and when you play them intensely like WipEout you get a sick feeling, so you have to be careful about it. When you look at racing games in 3D and a lot of action adventure games it is a step change. If it works well in 3D then publishers will do it in 3D because it’s not a massive expense to do that.

I got a headache after a 20 minute play of the Avatar game in 3D so can understand where Reeves is coming from. The bigger issues from this interview is clearly his perception that new consoles will arrive in 2-3 years. Will we really see a PS4 in 2012? Historically you would say yes but after PS2’s lengthy – and still ongoing – lifepsan it would be a surprise. An Xbox 720 in 2 years? I doubt that too – though you can easily see another upgrade or two for both consoles.

Anyway, what do you think? Will we see a new consoles from Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo within 2-3 years? And if so would you be happy to upgrade?


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Users Will Be Able To Convert Civ IV Maps Into Civ V – Console news

Civilization V is scheduled to arrive later this year, and the media blitz for it just keeps on coming. The latest revelation by the team working on the game is that users will be able to migrate their user-created, Civilization IV maps to Civilization V.

Jon Shafer, a veteran Civilization modder and mapmaker is the lead designer behind Civilization V, a reward for his years of contributions on the official forums for the game. One of the biggest changes he wanted to bring to the series was the ability to create and share maps with others directly in the game.

How will the maps be translated from square tiles to hexagonal tiles? And could there be innovative new changes to user-creation?

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Dead Rising 2 Will Feature Multiple Save Slots, Grateful Fans Applaud Decision

Dead Rising was cool, but was it ever plagued by a HORRIBLE save system. The game featured only one save slot, meaning if you saved a game after making a critical mistake (and before realizing it) you would be stuck with that mistake. It happened to me, and it probably happened to hundreds of thousands of other gamers as well. The game was highly dependent on time, and I saved my game only to discover I had made a mistake that meant when the helicopter arrived to rescue me, I wasn’t there. In order to beat the game properly and get to the next portion, I had to start the ENTIRE game over. It was shitty. Really, really shitty (excuse my French).

Luckily, Keiji Inafune, creator of Dead Rising says that Dead Rising 2 has fixed that problem by allowing gamers to save their progress in multiple save slots. Thank you, Inafune! is updated regularly every day with the latest console news and gaming reviews.

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news: Kane & Lynch 2 demo coming to PC/PS3 as well

TVGB: “That Xbox 360 exclusive pre-launch Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days demo? A timed exclusive, it turns out.” Our site is updated regularly each day with the very latest Free PS3 news.

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PlayStation news: Singularity features awesome Borat Easter Egg

Are you planning on picking up Singularity this weekend? If so, be sure to keep an eye out for the fantastic homage to Borat that pops up during the second half of the game.
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news: Gaming Union: EA Sports MMA Hands-On Preview

EA Sports is generally the major player in sports video games, at times even able to leverage exclusive deals with some of the biggest leagues (Madden NFL). However, in the world of mixed martial arts, EA has been beaten to the punch by THQ for the lucrative UFC license. Without a mainstream brand behind it, EA Sports MMA is going to have to prove itself on the strength of its mechanics. After some hands-on time with the game, the main distinctions between UFC and MMA are the control scheme and the online features in the works. is updated regularly each day with the very latest Free Slim PS3 news.

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PS3 news: NBA Elite 11 & NBA Jam Event Coverage On Gamertag Radio

Gamertag Radio writes: “Live from NBA Elite 11 / NBA Jam event in New York City. Interviews with EA Sports, 9th Wonder & J. Cole. is updated frequently each day with the latest Free Sony Slim PS3 news.

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