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PS3 Slim news: Rainbow Moon: Release Dates Confirmed, Pricing, and Developer Diaries

Latest news: A lot of tasty Rainbow Moon news has come our way recently.

First of all, the release dates and pricing have been confirmed and are as follows:

Europe (SCEE): July 4th (12.99/£9.99)
North America (SCEA): July 10th (US$ 14.99)
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news: Spec Ops: The Line Review | Gamer Sector

Spec Ops: The Line is one hell of a good third person shooter, there’s really just no better way to open this review. While gameplay systems are very standard, it has one of the best storylines that I have ever seen a third person shooter. | Our blog is updated frequently each day with the very latest Slim PS3 news and reviews.

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PS3 news: 2K Sports Reveals Cover of NBA 2K13 with Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose

The creators of 2K Sports’ incredible “NBA 2K” series have released the cover art for their latest sure-to-be hit, “NBA 2K13,” which hits stores in the United States on October 2, 2012. While Lebron James may be the man right now after his first championship win, the cover of “NBA 2K13″ features three of the rising stars of the NBA — Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls, Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers, and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Durant, who won his third straight scoring title and helped carry the Thunder to the NBA Finals, said via press release, “Being crowned as one of the NBA 2K13 cover athletes is a huge honor and something I always dreamt about. It’s definitely humbling to grace the cover after the likes of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird.”

Derrick Rose, the 2011 NBA MVP, added, “It’s a dream come true to be one of the cover athletes for NBA 2K13. I’ve worked closely with 2K Sports since NBA 2K10, and I’m honored to follow in the footsteps of Michael Jordan as the latest Chicago Bull to be featured on the cover. ”

Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, and Derrick Rose have all won the NBA Rookie of the Year award, been named to the All-Star  team eight times, won three scoring titles, and, of course, Rose was named MVP.

Pre-order now and receive NBA All-Star downloadable content presented by Sprite from participating retailers.

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Nintendo 3DS XL has 4.9-inch screen, out in the UK in July

Nintendo’s made a super-size version of its 3DS console, dubbed the Nintendo 3DS XL, and has confirmed that it’ll be released across Europe on 28 July, and will be sold — astonishingly — with no charger.

Called the 3DS LL in Japan, this gargantuan handheld offers a 4.88-inch (but let’s just call it 4.9, shall we?) upper screen — almost as massive as the gargantuan PlayStation Vita’s.

The lower screen measures 4.2 inches on the diagonal — compare that with 3 inches for the current 3DS. It’ll come with a 4GB SD card and in three colour options: silver and black, red and black, or blue and black.

The new machine measures 156 by 93 by 22mm, which means that despite its extra size, it’s only a tiny bit thicker. It is heavier though, tipping the scales at 336g compared to the 3DS’ 235g weight.

A new design has been thrust upon this mammoth system, with rounded edges that bring the system in line with Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console. Battery life seems to have been given a boost too, with Nintendo touting three and a half to six hours of game play.

So what’s missing? Well, there’s still only one analogue stick — despite the increased real-estate Nintendo hasn’t opted to add a second waggle-wand to the 3DS XL, meaning if you want to play with two sticks you’ll still need something like the funny-lookin’ Slide Pad.

It doesn’t look like the screen resolution has been boosted, so although visuals will be physically bigger, there won’t be any more detail to see. As such, you might find things looking occasionally blocky.

Finally, the 3DS XL doesn’t come with an AC adaptor in the box, so you’ll have to buy one separately. “Even with the addition of the bigger screen,” Ninty explains, “Nintendo’s aim was to still make the system available at a reasonable purchase price.

“Because of this,” the house of Mario continues, “and because so many fans already own a previous handheld, an AC adaptor will not be included.”

The 3DS hasn’t exactly been a roaring success, with Nintendo issuing a price drop last year to tempt gamers into trying its no-glasses 3D console — so I’m not sure exactly how many people will already have spare chargers lying about. I wonder how many kids will be left playing with an unchargeable gadget come Christmas morn’.

Finally the size is a double-edged sword. This giant new system could make the most of those three-dimensional visuals, but it will make the system much less portable.

Will the 3DS XL be a big success? Or a giant let-down? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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PS3 news: Brave: The Video Game Review PS3

Recent news:
As “Brave,” Pixar’s 13th feature film, is set to open tomorrow, June 22, 2012, the video game tie-in that’s designed to appeal to its fans is already on store shelves. Featuring further adventures for the wonderful Princess Merida (Kelly Macdonald in the film), “Brave” has to match a high standard of filmmaking while also appealing to a wide demographic, including an often under-served section of the gaming population — young women. Pixar has broken the rule of sub-par games based on movies at times (“Toy Story 3″ is a solid title) but “Brave” feels like a lackluster companion for its vibrant theatrical counterpart. Read on to find out why.

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Slim PS3 news: Ubisoft Reveals Release Dates for Far Cry 3, Just Dance 4, Rocksmith

Coming off a HUGE E3 in which they won over 100 awards, Ubisoft has set the release dates for three of their most anticipated holiday season releases including “Far Cry 3,” “Just Dance 4,” and a version of “Rocksmith” in which the player can plug in a bass guitar and rock out like Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Some outlets had been reporting that the highly-anticipated “Far Cry 3″ would drop in September but the company has revealed that it’s quite a bit later as the game won’t come out in the U.S. until December 4, 2012, virtually ending the holiday gaming season. Long before that, Ubisoft will drop “Just Dance 4″ on October 9 in the U.S.. The multi-platform version of the last installment in this franchise still charts in the top ten bestselling games with regularity. Finally, owners of “Rocksmith” can buy the bass guitar DLC on September 4, 2012 or wait for a full new bass version on  October 16, 2012. Start saving now.

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PS3 Slim news: Interview with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Sumo Digital Executive Producer Joe Neat

Latest Slim PS3 news: Daniel for Push-Start writes: During E3 2012 I met Joe Neat, an Executive Producer for Sumo Digital who is working on the new Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed title . I managed to get an interview with Joe and learnt a lot of new interesting things about Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. Check out the video below for the interview. For those who wish to read the interview as well, a text version of the interview is also included.
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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour – Kenji Kataoka interview

Nick Cowen talks to producer Kenji Kataoka about the new iteration of Steel Batallion, which sees the introduction of the Kinect controller

June sees the release of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, the latest entry in Capcom’s series of games that feature towering battle Mechs with big guns, and the first that players will control using Kinect.

Anyone who played the first Steel Battalion may raise a quizzical eyebrow at that last fact as the first game came bundled with a control system that involved two joysticks, pedals and a ton of buttons.

So how did the developers – headed up by one of the game’s line producers, Kenji Kataoka – go about turning players into the controller for Heavy Armor?

We sat down with Kataoka-san to find out …

When did the development of Steel Battalion Heavy Armor begin? Did you pitch Microsoft after seeing Kinect, or did they approach you?To answer that simply, Kinect came first. Microsoft was pitching this new technology in the form of Project Natal to publishers. They came to us with it and when we first saw it, we immediately knew it was Steel Battalion material and we decided to work on a game with them.

Not to sound too incredulous, but how did Kinect immediately make you think of Steel Battalion? That game had a control set up that had pedals, two joysticks and a ton of buttons!Actually, the two have more in common than you think. If you think of the first Steel Battalion and Kinect, the biggest common factor there is that neither of them have a traditional control set up. There are very few games out there that don’t use the control pad as the main interface.

With Kinect, it’s more like we’re making the control system through a kind of augmented reality. Instead of pressing physical buttons in front of you, you’re assuming a control interface is there through what you can see on the screen. You’re reaching out for a lever and making the gesture of pulling it and you see the lever move on the screen. That’s almost synonymous with pulling a physical lever. In a way, the screen itself is your controller and you’re reaching out for items in the screen to control the game.

You said that Steel Battalion went into development very early on – before Project Natal became Kinect. How did the gestation of the hardware effect your game’s development?Well, I hope you can reflect my answers here as mildly as possible, because it may sound like I’m about to slag off Microsoft, which isn’t my intention.

I’ll try!Well, let’s just say there was some disparity between what became the product we know as Kinect, and the prototype we first saw that was attached to a high-end PC and the dev kit that it came with.

So you thought you were getting a Ferrari and you actually got a Ford Model T?No! Nothing as bad as that! But we saw all of these things happening in the original demo with the prototype. It was so accurate and there were so many things you could do with it. But then, that prototype was running off a high-end PC. When you got right down to it, Kinect was going to have to run off an Xbox 360 so there were going to be certain limitations – memory limitations and so on. That was quite difficult to adjust to. We managed it, but it was difficult.

But in the end, it’s actually to the benefit to the consumers. Everyone knows that a high-end gaming PC is better than any console currently out there, but the Xbox 360 has the edge with accessibility. Kinect comes in a package that you can easily plug in and run off your Xbox 360 and you don’t need to be too technical to work with it. With a PC you need some technical know-how. You don’t need any of that with Kinect and the Xbox 360.

Did the discrepancy between the latency of the Project Natal prototype and Kinect force you to junk any mechanics or features for your game?Kinect has had its ups and downs. At the beginning we pretty much had all the capabilities we’d been told it would have. Then it slightly deteriorated and lifted up again because it was being optimized and everything was being made efficient. We kind of followed that undulating line with Kinect.

One of the first things to go was the interface based around finger movements. Originally, Kinect detected every movement in your fingers and your thumbs. Those had to go because Kinect could only detect the hand as one point. Certain head movements had to go to – in fact, head movement was taken out completely at one point, because of all the tinkering – and then we brought it back in.

How far along in the development did you playing around with the game’s plot?Well, the story itself has changed quite significantly since the start of the project. Without going into specifics, we’ve probably rewritten it about four or five times. The game’s world, though, has been consistent since the game’s inception.

It’s a what-if world that we imagined our world would look like if technology had remained fairly stagnant since the second world war. We didn’t want a typical sci-fi feeling, because most of the games that involve Battle Mechs tend to go over the top and everything becomes a bit like Transformers. There’s nothing wrong with the Transformers, but we wanted a different feel to that.

All these machines were designed from scratch and they’re technically feasible. That was the mood and the look we were going for.

The setting of the story is quite interesting because the lack of technology completely overhauls the world order and what we recognise in our world as assets or resources that give certain countries an advantage are gone.

I can’t go into much detail about the game’s story itself, except to say it will shock you.

We also did a lot of work on the game’s characters. There are 30 characters in all, all of whom have their own back story in the game. Your comrades are your only means of survival in the game. Without them your chances are slim. If you don’t have a gun-loader, you won’t be able to fire shells with your Mech unless you load it yourself – and during the time it take you to do that, you might get destroyed by an enemy you didn’t see. You really have to have these NPCs and click together in order to work well.

If all 30 of the NPCs die, is the player permanently hamstrung in terms of the gameplay?Actually, we initially wanted to limit the number of comrades you have in the game to 30, but then we realised some players could kill off all of the characters and then that would make the game too hard for them. They would probably give up at that stage and we didn’t want that.

As a compromise we’ve put in soldiers who don’t have back stories and who aren’t as personable. They’re just mundane NPCs. Ideally you’ll end the game with all 30 characters still alive, but the game is hard and we know that this won’t be possible for everyone.

Speaking of the level of difficulty, don’t you think that it may jar somewhat with one of the driving principles behind Kinect, which is essentially aimed at winning over casual core players?Well, we’re aiming to deliver a higher experience with this game – and that’s not to say it’s a more difficult experience. In order to achieve this, there’s certain roleplay involved that we require from the player.

If you think of a racing game, the difficulty of driving a car is different to difficulty of each track you race on. If you’ve never played a racing game before in your life, and you have to start playing one on the game’s most difficult track, you’ll find it’s totally impossible to get to grips with. If you’re experienced with racing games, the only challenge is the course itself.

It’s the same with this: if you’ve never played with Kinect, there’s a smaller learning curve, because you’re using hand gestures and movement. You need to get used to the movements in Steel Battalion early on. Once you’re familiar with that, the challenge comes in what each level of the game has in store for you.

Finally, is there a multiplayer in the game? If so, is it co-op or competitive?There’s competitive online play, but it’s not PVP. It’s PVE – so you have up to four players and you all have to accomplish the same mission.

Were you ever tempted to do a 4-player co-op mode where the player and four friends had to sit in the same room performing different tasks in order to run the Mech as a team?

Well, in the very early stages we had thought of a 32-player mode where players control a vertical tank and you had you and your friends controlling this massive tank.

Seriously?Seriously! Of course, then we had to rethink that because players would fight over who gets to control the gun. I mean, most players would rather control the gun than sit in the engine room or work in maintenance wouldn’t they?





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PS3 news: GameEnthus Podcast ep100: Phantom of the Podcast or Beer Theory

Topics: 3DS XL, The Art of Rap, Snorks, Capn Crunch, Chronicle, John Carter, Prometheus, Euro Cup 2012, Too Many Games, Playdia, Top Score Podcast,, Lego Batman2, Warzone 2100, SSX, Perfect Dark Zero, circle pad pro, Tornado Outbreak, Conan,, The Darkness 2, Wacom Tablets, Microsoft Surface and more.

Guests: Michal J. and Charles(@FanaticalG) from

GE Hosts: @BigRob029, Dave@Tiny415, Mike(@AssaultSuit) & Aaron(@Ind1fference)

If you like the show please leave us an itunes/Zune review, a tweet, an email or a voicemail (202-573-7686). This blog is updated frequently per day with the very latest Free PlayStation 3 news.

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Five great games events for summer and autumn 2012

Here’s a whole bunch of game-related talks, festivals and evenings for your calendar!

okay, so it’s clearly going to rain all summer – we’ll need to stay inside. And what better way to do that, than by celebrating video game culture in all its myriad forms and unquestionable beauty.

Here then, is a selection of game events taking place throughout the next few months. Try and get yourself along to at least one of them – you’ll get to hear amazing things about game design and maybe even play a couple of new titles you’ve never heard of. And the British weather cannot ruin that.

Update: we’ve added another event! (Which makes the title incorrect, but I’m afraid of changing that on a Friday evening with no production editors to tell me if that will break the whole site or not.)FlameCityNightsWhen: 28 JuneWhere: Antenna, NottinghamWhat: The latest in a regular series of evening events organised by the curators of the GameCityFestival will feature Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons and Jonathan Smith of Lego Batman creator TT Games. The duo will talk about how to create engaging heroes, and how they work in video games. There will be opportunities to ask questions, and lots of other indie titles will be playable during the evening. There’s also an Olympic theme, so be prepared to play Kinect games or Hyper Sports or something, too. Of course, the chance to meet and chat with Dave Gibbons should have been enough to have you lunging for the GameCity Nights website for more details. It’s an over-18s only event and tickets cost £5 each.

Games BritanniaWhen: 2-6 JulyWhere: Magna Science Adventure Centre, SheffieldWhat: An enormously ambitious event mostly aimed at schools, featuring hands-on workshops and lectures on game design from leading industry figures like Ian Livingstone. There is also a public exhibition entitled Replayed, which explores Britain’s video game heritage and will include lots of classic games to rediscover. Tying in closely with the campaign to get computer science taught in schools, this should be a fascinating introduction to the games industry.

RezzedWhen: 6-7 JulyWhere: Brighton CentreWhat: Organised by Eurogamer and Rock,Paper,Shotgun, this is a brand new event dedicated to PC and indie gaming. Over two days, it’s set to offer gamers hands-on experiences with the likes of Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Project Zomboid. There will also be gaming tournaments, and Valve is giving a Dota 2 beta key to every one of the 5000 expected attendees. Tickets are £12 a day or £20 for both days.

Bafta Games Question TimeWhen: 2 JulyWhere: Pennine Theatre, SheffieldWhat: Okay, this is strictly part of Games Britannia, but it deserves its own entry. Starting at 8pm on Monday night, this is a chance for audience members to put their games industry questions to a panel of experts including Broken Sword creator Charles Cecil and UKIE chairman, Andy Payne. Tickets are free, but pre-booking is advised.

London Games FestivalWhen: 27 Sept – 28 OctWhere: various venues, LondonWhat: After a break last year, the London Games Festival is back, taking in a range of events around the capital. As usual, it encapsulates a series of self-contained treats including the excellent Eurogamer Expo (27-29 September, Earls Court), Future’s Golden Joystick Awards (26 October) and the always fascinating MCM London Comic Con (26-28 October). more announcements are due to be made over the summer.

GameCity 7When: 20-27 OctoberWhere: various venues, Nottingham city centreWhat: The annual games event that I will go ahead and call ‘utterly unmissable to anyone who has even glanced with ardour at a video game’ is now a week-long odyssey, taking in the usual selection of inspiring talks, indie game expos and amusing evening shenanigans. This year Peter Molyneux will be taking over for a whole day and you can expect lots of insight and indiscreet comments about working for Microsoft. Gamesblog will there too, albeit in a reduced capacity, hosting one of seven different mornings at the Broadway Cinema cafe. We might well find something else to do as well, if the organisers let us.

Have I missed anything? If you’re holding an event or festival with any video game components leave a comment below or get in touch with me via my Guardian email address and I’ll add it to the list!


Game culture


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