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Slim PS3 news: PS3 Review: Infamous Collection

The fourth of the Sony special editions released on August 25, 2012 (after “God of War Saga,” “Journey: Collector’s Edition,” and “Ratchet & Clank Collection”) also gathers the most recent games in the “Infamous Collection.” While everyone with a PS3 simply must play 2009’s “Infamous” and 2011’s “Infamous 2,” there’s admittedly less bang for the buck here than with the other three Sony special edition repackagings. “Infamous” rules but the “Infamous Collection” is just OK. Read our full review to find out more about what to expect from these great games in one convenient package.

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news: Weekend Essentials 142

Join PlayStation Plus for even less, play ICO on PlayStation Vita and relive some legendary adventures this weekend.

Play more, pay even less

It’s the best members’ club in video games, and there’s never been a better time to join. Sign up to a year’s PlayStation Plus subscription before 19 September 2012 and you’ll get a 25 per cent discount – that means the biggest and best games, exclusive trials and wallet-friendly discounts for even less.

Find out how you can get access to games such as Red Dead Redemption and services including Cloud Storage and automatic updates by heading to, then sign up this weekend.

Iconic games on PS Vita

ICO & Shadow of the Colussus Classics HD and God of War Collection are both ready to enjoy on your PlayStation Vita this weekend, thanks to the handheld system’s innovative Remote Play feature. That means you can play both acclaimed collections on your PS3 at home, then continue your progress on the move.

To find out how to make your PS3 and PS Vita systems the perfect gaming partners, head to and enjoy these classic adventures wherever you are. 

New to download

Explosive action, intrigue and outright carnage hit PlayStation Store this weekend. Solid Snake travels from a remote oilrig to the Russian jungle in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, respectively. Both unforgettable stealth titles, part of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, are available to download to PS3 and PS Vita now.

Now you can download the devastation derby of Twisted Metal straight to your PS3. Don’t spend another second without this compelling game.

Zen Pinball 2 is ready to download at no extra cost from PlayStation Store, with a number of themed tables available, such as the Marvel Pinball series. Play it this weekend on either PS3 or PS Vita, or both thanks to Cross Buy.

Elsewhere, dominate the world by being friendly to the environment in PS3 shoot ‘em up Wicked Monsters BLAST!, and discover hidden bounty in PS Vita app Treasure Park.

More for your game

Give the fighters in SOULCALIBUR V on PS3 a fresh new look, albeit one that might ring a few bells. The Tekken Costumes Set – SOULCALIBUR V includes Panda, King and the outfits of the Kazama dynasty.

Calling all sports fans: the EA SPORTS Season Ticket is waiting for you. It’s the 12-month subscription that gives you access to the biggest downloadable sports games three days before anybody else, 20 per cent off all game add-ons for EA SPORTS titles and much more.

From the vaults

Joining Twisted Metal on PlayStation Store this weekend is Twisted Metal: Black, the PlayStation 2 car combat classic. Throw yourself into this high-octane blast from the past and do battle with merciless racers in some of the most unforgiving arenas ever seen on PlayStation.

From the PlayStation Community

See how much you remember from gamescom 2012 in Cologne, where more than 250,000 fans took in some of the most exciting video games on the planet. That’s the theme of this month’s Level Up, so put your knowledge to the test.

Killzone fans are in for a visual treat over at, where the Killzone Art Design Contest has been drawing imaginative and stylish creations inspired by the war between Earth and Helghan. Check the winning entries out today. 

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PlayStation news: New from PlayStation at E3 2012

Wonderbook: Book of Spells revealed, BEYOND: Two Souls unveiled and cross platform features detailed at E3 – find out more here.

New on PlayStation 3

Wonderbook, a brand new peripheral for PS3, will put a physical book into your hands and draw you deeper into a story than ever before thanks to incredible augmented reality features.

Wonderbook: Book of Spells will be the first game to work in tandem with the revolutionary new peripheral. Set to bring wizardry to life in your living room on PS3, the game features exclusive new writing from J.K. Rowling and lets you learn the art of spell-casting using your PlayStation Move motion controller.

New from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream is BEYOND: Two Souls, an unpredictable, psychological thriller starring Hollywood actress Ellen Page.

Elsewhere, the lid was lifted on God of War: Ascension’s breathless single player campaign, while we caught a new glimpse of the harrowing world of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us.

Cross platform features outlined

Gamers will be able to share content between Assassin’s Creed III on PS3 and Assassin’s Creed III Liberation on PS Vita by taking advantage of the new Cross-Goods feature.

Cross-Play will let PS3 and PS Vita gamers play against each other no matter where they are. Games to support this feature include WipEout HD on PS3 and WipEout 2048 on PS Vita, and Hustle Kings and MotorStorm RC on both PS3 and PS Vita.

Upcoming games to utilise Cross-Play include STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

The Cross-Controller feature lets gamers use their PS Vita system as a controller in games such as ULTIMATE MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 on both PS3 and PS Vita and LittleBigPlanet 2 on PS3.

PlayStation Mobile to expand

PlayStation Mobile is the new name for PlayStation Suite, the fun, PlayStation-style gaming experiences available on PlayStation Certified mobile devices including PS Vita

It was also announced that powerhouse smartphone manufacturer HTC is to join the PlayStation Certified license programme.

Coming to PlayStation Vita

PlayStation One Classics are set to become available on PS Vita. They include the iconic role-playing game FINAL FANTASY VII from SQUARE ENIX, Capcom’s hair-raising RESIDENT EVIL DIRECTOR’S CUT and the vibrant platform adventure, Crash Bandicoot, from Sony Computer Entertainment.

Make sure you keep an eye on for more announcements and features from the world of PlayStation at E3 2012, and head to PlayStation.Blog for news from the show floor.

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PlayStation news: 10 Characters We Want To See In Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale

The recent announcement of the PS3 fighting game Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale has raised as many questions about the game as it has given us answers. We know to expect the characters Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Fat Princess (Fat Princess), Kratos (God of War), Sly (Sly Cooper), Radic (Killzone), and Parappa (Parappa the Rappa). These characters are quite varied and look to offer plenty of fun for all sorts of players. Here are ten of the characters we hope to see the most in the game when it releases.

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PS3 news: Sony Announces ‘God of War: Ascension’

Rejoice Kratos fans, there will be another “God of War” game. After the massive, worldwide success of the “God of War” trilogy (the first two games released for the PS2 and the third an award-winner for the PS3 in 2010), Sony announced today that there will be another title — “God of War: Ascension,” releasing a logo and promising more details soon. We don’ t know much at this point (although it seems safe to expect a 2013 release date given today’s timing) but we will bring you further developments as they’re announced.

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – preview

Mike Anderiesz talks character development, building new worlds and epic ambitions with two of the creative minds behind the new RPG on the block

With The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim proving one of our collective games highlights of 2011, and the likes of Witcher 2 and The Old Republic snapping at its heels, a rejuvenated RPG market is suddenly brimming with quality.

Yet debut developer 38 Studios has bold plans with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – not least by breaking a few of the genres oldest rules.

Founded by former professional baseball pitcher Curt Schilling, 38 Studios established instant kudos in 2009 when it took over Rise of Nations developer Big Huge Games from THQ.

It meant that this first game from the Rhode Island-based studio became a collaborative effort involving two teams, a combined staff of almost 300 and nearly five years of development.

Ahead of the game’s February launch, I caught up with two of the game’s key creative forces – “creator of worlds” R.A. Salvatore, and art director Todd McFarlane.

“Curt [Schilling] and his friends had a basic idea of what they wanted” says Salvatore. “I was responsible for fleshing out a broad history of the world, but there were so many people involved on both teams.

“Even my old D&D group worked for me as research assistants. I was really excited by the potential of coming up with a whole philosophy for how Amular worked – everything had to make sense. You can’t just stick a pile of rocks in a forest and call them ruins, you have to know their history and it has to be consistent with everything else.”

Though better known in the US, Salvatore’s skills at weaving deep, compelling and, above all, plausible sci-fi mythologies underpin Reckoning’s epic ambitions. Certainly, the world of Amular has been carved out in painstaking historical detail.

Key to the look and feel of the world was the guiding influence of renowned comic-book illustrator and entrepreneur McFarlane. Though enthusiastic about the concept, he was in no doubt about the scale of creating a new franchise in today’s RPG-savvy market.

“The hardest task of making an RPG is that if you set down 10 people, you’ll get 10 different reasons why they like them,” he says. “That’s very different to a car racing or even an FPS. Some people want to see the map, others to level up, others to quest. It’s all important to each one, so we decided not to treat any of those areas with less significance.”

As a result, Amular is not just epic in scale (five massive areas – including Forest, Coastal and Desert regions – and more than 150 hand-crafted dungeons) but ambition too. It begins in a conventional way, choosing your character from four playable races – the Human (Almain) Elvish (Dark Dokkalfar and Light Ljosalfar) and the nomadic Varani.

Your hero can then be customised for appearance, before embarking into the game’s mammoth single-player challenge, which Salvatore estimates will last more than 40 hours, excluding the hundreds of optional side quests. Reckoning helpfully puts main quest conversations first, so you can see at a glance which NPCs are most worth interacting with.

Which brings us neatly to combat – by no means the game’s most distinctive feature, but probably the one that gamers will debate the most.

Reckoning uses a hybrid system of simple hack and slash (controller buttons mapped to main weapons such as swords, bows or magic staffs) and quicktime events (for boss battles and some finishing moves). The result is a combat system that veers more towards the more cinematic style of God of War than the more realistic Witcher 2.

This may not please hardcore fans of either game, but it’s a system capable of impressive combos, including the eye-catching “Reckoning Mode” where time slows down and moves can be chained together.

McFarlane is pleased with the balance of fluidity and finesse that Reckoning’s combat system has achieved.

“We wanted to make sure the action was big and huge in an RPG context but at the same time avoiding have to hit six buttons,” he says. “We kept the sequences simplistic to avoid it being a ‘combat game’ – yet doing those exact same sequences with a different character will achieve a completely different effect. It’s cool as hell, but not frustrating.”

However, although much of your game time will undoubtedly be spent in combat and questing, Reckoning’s most innovative feature is the concept of Fates & Destinies. Originating from the game’s mythology, it’s an element that will have a potentially profound effect on the gameplay, depending on how you approach it.

Most RPGs and MMOs treat character progression as something written in stone; indeed, the only way to succeed is to pick an upgrade path and concentrate on maxing out those abilities. Effectively, if you choose to be a warrior, that’s what you are from start to finish.

Reckoning takes a different approach. You start the game as a blank slate, able to buy three main paths – Might, Finesse and Sorcery, with each path containing around 20 upgradeable Abilities. However, at any leveling-up point you can choose to specialise in other areas, creating hybrid characters that may combine Abilities from all three paths.

As you level up you also unlock one of eight Destinies, which help shape define not only your combat style but also your profession. For instance, Rangers are perfect stealthy assassins but if you want to add magic to the mix, you can simply accumulate enough points to switch Destiny to Archanist.

It remains to be seen whether such a dynamic form of character development will either empower or baffle the player, but Salvatore believes it enforces a kind of open world realism and flexibility so far unseen in RPGs.

“Your hero is the first person to come through the well of souls and be reborn,” he says. “But these powers have consequences that affects every aspect of the game: what does that mean to the world? What does it mean to religious institutions who rely on the power of an afterlife or to the parents of the last person who died at the well of souls?”

This flexibility also extends to other areas of the gameplay. Looting and Crafting, for instance, has been designed to cater for fans of both expediency and depth. You don’t need to access the Inventory to select, equip or discard items if you just want their value in credits; but if you want to delve deeper, you can head for a town and start experimenting with the game’s three distinct crafting systems – Alchemy, Blacksmithing and Sagecraft.

Use Sagecraft, for instance, and you can start socketing weapons with magical gems; if not, you can still gain bonus points (and a cool onscreen appearance) from collecting complete sets of armour items.

There are also nine non-combat skills – some which have unexpected affects on the gameplay. Improving Stealth, for instance, not only introduces some fantastic stealth kills, but opens up corrupt career paths like pick-pocketing. Neither are you all alone in your quest. There are six joinable faction, including Nomads, Travelers, Scholars and Warrior Priests.

So, given it’s a game that thwarts easy summaries, how pleased is Salvatore with the way Reckoning has translated his original vision into a living, breathing, role-playing experience?

“I don’t want to say it will raise the bar,” he says. “But it does bring something a little bit different. With Reckoning, I wanted a world that had beauty and horror – something really frightening that was worth fighting against and then giving you all the tools to do it. I think fans are going to like what we’ve achieved.”

And if they do like it, there’s clearly a big future already planned for Amular. Reckoning only features a small part of a persistent world that will be fully revealed in a forthcoming MMO codenamed “Copernicus”, which both development teams – including Salvatore and McFarlane – are already hard at work on.

Although neither would be drawn on an ETA, having made a fortune from multimedia franchises such as Spawn, McFarlane in particular understands the potential value of an original IP. However, it’s also clear that Amular means more to him than just a string of lucrative sequels.

“I appreciate all the 2s, 3s and 4s attached to successful RPGs – you don’t have to spend as much time reminding people what it is,” he says. “But even Hollywood can’t survive on just sequels, so is there’s room for new ideas? That’s a question people have been asking us from day one … now it’s up to the consumers.”

Reckoning sounds like just the kind of start to 2012 RPG fans were hoping for.

• Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on 10 February

Role playing games








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PlayStation news: Developer spotlight: Ready at Dawn

How much do you know about God of War Collection Volume II developer Ready at Dawn?

Ready at Dawn is the talented developer behind God of War Collection Volume II on PlayStation 3. Discover how the acclaimed company paved its way to create classic after classic…

Daxter (PSP, 2006)

Ready at Dawn’s mission statement is deceptively straightforward: “making fun games a lot of people want to play”. And the California based developer got off to a fine start with Daxter on PSP.

Spinning off the successful PlayStation 2 series Jak and Daxter, Ready at Dawn’s first PlayStation title was a fresh-faced platform game starring everyone’s favourite ottsel sidekick, Daxter. Filled with bug bashing fun, mini-games and imaginative levels, Daxter swiftly became a fan favourite – and the perfect introduction to Ready at Dawn’s talent.

Daxter was just the beginning for Ready at Dawn, which was far from finished with impressing players and critics…

God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP, 2008)

Not intimidated by the high bar set by Daxter, Ready at Dawn smashed expectations with its entry into the God of War series. Chains of Olympus was the first God of War game developed outside of Sony Santa Monica Studios – and all eyes were on Ready at Dawn.

“It was an honour to work on the series,” says Marc Turndorf, Ready at Dawn’s director of production. “We had never made a God of War title before and the learning curve was quite high to make one on a par with the original God of War team’s wonderful games.”

The pressure didn’t faze the team, who went on to create a massive PSP action adventure that did Kratos – and Sony Santa Monica Studios – proud. “From an early build they acknowledged that not only were we on the right track, we were far exceeding what they expected from a God of War game on PSP,” smiles Turndorf.

The question wasn’t so much of how can we make a God of War game on PSP – it was more that we just wanted to make the best God of War game possible. Our biggest early challenge became a source of great triumph when we gained the trust and respect of the original God of War team.”

God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP, 2010)

With another successful feather in its cap, Ready at Dawn turned its hands to a follow-up which helped cement its reputation as a quality developer. God of War: Ghost of Sparta was even bigger and bolder than Chains of Olympus. Staggering set pieces and a storyline which revealed some of Kratos’s most emotional battles made Ghost of Sparta an essential PSP game.

Raising the stakes on both a gameplay and story level is something Turndorf is particularly proud of in both God of War titles on PSP. “My highlights usually come from our designers coming up with an incredible idea or set piece that seems almost impossible to pull off – then our team work together to figure out a way to make it happen in spectacular fashion.”

God of War Collection Volume II (PlayStation 3, 2011)

With two classic PSP titles under its belt, Ready at Dawn felt it was only fair to give PlayStation 3 owners the chance to check out what they may have missed. So both God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta were re-mastered into God of War Collection Volume II, a PS3 game available on Blu-ray Disc and to download from PlayStation Store.

“We wanted to make sure we put our best effort forward when creating God of War Collection Volume II”, says Turndorf. “This meant adding trophy and wireless controller support, as well as a massive range of visual and audio improvements. On top of all this we added stereoscopic 3D, all the bonus costumes found in the PSP versions and the Director’s Live Video.”

The result is a must-have package which feels right at home on PS3. The explosive combination of well designed gameplay and all the advantages of PS3 make it an unmissable experience.

“We had worked so hard on the PSP God of War games that it was a labour of love re-mastering them for PS3,” says Turndorf. “The game really shines in High Definition, and stereoscopic 3D adds a whole new level of immersion to the game.”

You can enjoy Ready at Dawn’s latest Greek epic, the incredible God of War Collection Volume II, by downloading these amazing adventures of magic, monsters and mayhem from PlayStation Store now.

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news: Demo Guide: God of War Collection Volume II

Discover how to display some godlike skills in the free PlayStation Store demo of God of War Collection Volume II.

The wrath of the gods has been unleashed in God of War Collection Volume II on PlayStation 3 – and you have the chance to experience the thrilling adventure that awaits. Get a taste of this incredible journey through Kratos’s past with the demo, downloadable now from PlayStation Store.

Check out these top tips to help you smash your foes in true Spartan style in the demo, which features the opening level from God of War: Ghost of Sparta – one of two epic games found in God of War Collection Volume II. You can also play this demo in amazing stereoscopic 3D if you have a TV that supports stereoscopic 3D display and 3D compatible glasses.

Stay fresh to stay alive

Even in this early section of God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Kratos has a range of attacks that would make any deity green with envy. This is why you should get used to trying different attacks when you can, putting you in good stead for the full game.

Defence is key

While it’s tempting to wade into battle using the powerful Blades of Athena, make sure you’re also comfortable with blocking and evading. Enemies can be surprisingly quick even at this early stage in the game, so master Kratos’s defensive moves to keep the angry Spartan from a grisly doom.

Stay as sharp as the Blades of Athena

Even the boat journey to the lost city of Atlantis is treacherous. You would be wise to pay attention all the time, as you never know where the next threat lurks. Along with deadly enemies looking to turn you into fish food, there are also a few on-screen button pressing mini-games you’ll need to master to defeat the gigantic, fabled sea monster Scylla.

Scylla thriller

The monstrous sea-dwelling horror, Scylla, may seem intimidating due to her size and ferocity – however, a clear and careful mind can tame her with ease. When you face off for a battle on the shores of Atlantis, avoid her lashing tentacles and then hit her with jumping attacks. Scylla’s crushing claw swipes can be blocked or parried with good timing, leaving her open for a counter with the Blades of Athena.

With the tide of battle turning, your colossal foe will retreat and spawn her spider-like brood on you. They’re easily dispatched with throws and any regular attacks you unleash can also hit Scylla as a bonus, so show no mercy. Defeated brood reward you with energy orbs, preparing you for the final stages of this confrontation…


Make sure your Spartan skills are up to scratch by the time God of War Collection Volume II launches on PlayStation 3 on 16 September 2011 – download the demo from PlayStation Store now. is updated regularly per day with the latest Free PlayStation 3 news and reviews.

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Slim PS3 news: Weekend Essentials 91

Join the Resistance, become a Space Marine and take a hellish holiday on Dead Island in a packed PlayStation weekend.

You are the Resistance

Small, scattered pockets of humanity are hiding from the Chimera scouring the globe to find them in Resistance 3. Are you ready to step into the shoes of Joseph Capelli and take the fight to one of the most brutal enemies on PlayStation 3?

Prepare for the fight to come by heading to PlayStation Home on your PS3 and taking part in a series of treacherous timed Resistance 3 challenges, then confront the Chimera and lead the human race back from the brink by picking up the latest chapter in the blockbuster series this weekend.

Welcome to Dead Island 

Pack your bags for a holiday you’ll never forget in Dead Island on PS3, as a mysterious zombie outbreak sweeps through a tropical resort, plunging you into a relentless fight for survival. Use melee weapons and discarded firearms to cut a path to safety through the undead hordes.

Greetings from Dead Island on PS3 – wish you were here?  

Be the next legend in NHL 12

Become the next hero of hockey in NHL 12 from EA SPORTS, the coolest sports simulation on PS3. Spend this weekend on the ice perfecting huge slap shots, bone-crunching interceptions and your fighting skills when the gloves come off.

Lead your team to Stanley Cup glory in NHL 12 on PS3.  See the galaxy as a Space Marine

Strap into the hulking battle armour of Captain Titus in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and enlist in the legendary Ultramarines. The fearsome Orks have launched a blistering assault on an Imperial Forge World, and it’s up to you to hold them off until Imperial reinforcements arrive.

Stop this vital factory planet falling into Ork hands using any means necessary on PS3.  

Get 10% off Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 3 Portable

Play one of the most absorbing PSP adventures of recent times when you download Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable from PlayStation Store. Until 21 September 2011, you’ll get ten per cent off the price of the game too – just one more reason to play this gripping tale of high school demon hunting.

Download some sizzling demos

Unsure of whether you first want to take out global targets for The Network in Bodycount or battle across ancient Greece in God of War Collection Volume II? Then try both demos by downloading them to your PS3 system from PlayStation Store right now. 

Dust off your spirit of adventure in Tomb Raider II

Uncover the final resting place of the mythical Dagger of Xian in Tomb Raider II, as the Lara Croft adventure joins the PS one Classics collection. Download it from PlayStation Store to PS3 and PSP and revisit this memorable journey along the Great Wall of China. 

Gear up with Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Practise your field manoeuvres for Battlefield 3 by downloading the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 bundle, which contains the two exclusive modes granted by the VIP Pass, the Vietnam map pack, the Onslaught co-op modes pack, the SPECACT special forces bundle and the Shortcut kit upgrade bundle.

Download it to PS3 from PlayStation Store while you still have the element of surprise.

Win a copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Augmented Edition

Fancy getting your bionic hands on the rare Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Augmented Edition on PS3? Then head to to be in with a chance of bagging a copy of the game, an exclusive Deus Ex: Human Revolution comic book and many more limited edition goodies.

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PlayStation news: minis monthly 3

Check out the minis titles that chomped, flew and blasted their way into PlayStation Store in December 2010.

Run like the wind

Save your girlfriend in just 24 hours in the frantic I Must Run! from Gamelion. Take on the role of a convicted marine and sprint through the city centre and scale rooftops to save your true love. Ready, steady, run! 

Doctor, doctor…

Prescribe yourself with a whole host of crazy challenges including monkey-throwing and spaceship-dodging with Dr.Minigames. Side effects may include becoming hooked on this collection of mad missions – can you complete each one in just four seconds?

A balancing act

See if you can stay calm and composed in the puzzling Shapo as you pile objects on a set of scales and keep it balanced. Play through over 150 levels and unlock some true wonders.

The legend is here

That’s right, PAC-MAN Championship Edition has arrived on PlayStation Store and the iconic yellow chomper is eager to munch some yummy Pac-Dots. Explore loads of mazes, play in six different game modes and get addicted to this arcade classic all over again.

Prepare for take-off

Take to the skies in Blimp: The Flying Adventures and transport soldiers, collect supplies and attack enemies from your aircraft. You’ll be able to see if you’re a high flyer with global leaderboards.

Feeling edgy?

Get addicted to a challenging puzzle game with Edge, and guide your cube around a geometric universe. Develop your telekinetic strength in over 40 levels.

Master blaster

Prevent thousands of deadly atomic cores from causing the explosion of your ship’s engine in Core Blaster. Use your weapons to destroy the radioactive hazards and stop them blowing your ship into oblivion.

Take a trip to yesteryear…

Check out Nordcurrent’s latest minis title, Arcade Essentials, and play five arcade challenges inspired by 80s classics. Unlock new levels and have a retro experience from the comfort of your own sofa.

A healthy option

Arrange your apples, oranges and bananas in groups and watch them disappear in Super Fruitfall Deluxe. Stack your fruit on top of each other or organize it into rows to score bunches of juicy points.

Join the fight for mankind’s survival

Travel through five different environments in N.O.V.A. – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, the first person shooter from Gameloft. Choose from six weapons and blast your way through 13 levels. The fate of mankind is in your hands.

More aliens!

If you can’t get enough of evil aliens in outer space, check out A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks, and take down extraterrestrials along with their Supreme Alien God Emperor.

Cream of the crop

You could become a true success in Farm Frenzy as you run your own farm and sell your produce at the local market. Tend to your animals, sell the items they produce and upgrade your farm to become even richer.

All of these titles can be downloaded from PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 and PSP, and you will receive two free minis each month if you have a PlayStation Plus account. Check out the next minis update in February 2011. is updated several times per day with the very latest Free Slim PS3 news and hardware reviews.

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