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Your Doodles Are Bugged – creative indie game coming to Steam

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Compelling Xbox Indie game combines Lemmings and Line Rider, and comes to PC complete with brilliantly simple level editor.

It’s not everyday a developer creates a custom level for you, so thanks to Blitz Games Studios for this masterwork. The image depicts me as interpreted by Your Doodles Are Bugged, a charming indie puzzler created by lone coder, Johannes Hubert. Combining elements of Line Rider and Lemmings, the game involves directing a large group of teeny bugs through a doodled landscape, using a pen to draw bridges and steps so they can navigate safetly to a golden pot of honey.

The original version was released on the Xbox Indie Games service last year, but now Hubert is preparing to launch a new PC version via Steam, with the help of Blitz 1up, the Leamington developer’s admirable initiative to help small studios get their games published.

Due out on April 25, the re-worked version of YDAB adds achievments, new game modes and leaderboards. But the key addition is a user-friendly editor, which lets you create and share your own doodled levels. You can either use the in-game palette, which is full of useful shapes and objects, or you can scan in your own photos and the game automatically uses the imagery to create workable stages.

I’m sure that if you put in a lot of time and effort you may, just may, be able to come up with a screenshot more beautful than the one above.


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Five game trailers you must watch this afternoon! – Console news

Get yourself a cup of tea, sit back and risk office disciplinary procedures by enjoying these game snippets!

I’ve got a backlog of trailers that I wanted to get up on Gamesblog, so here are five of them at once – all interesting in different ways. If you want to see some cowboys, Stan Lee’s favourite Spider-Man villain, a Brazilian footballer, a Windows Phone 7 game and a cross between Lemmings and Line Rider, then saunter this way…

Red Red Redemption: Legends and Killers(Rockstar, PS3, Xbox 360)Here’s a look at the latest Red Dead Redemption DLC pack offering nine new multiplayer map locations, as well as a new projectile weapon, the tomahawk. Could be messy. The pack also includes eight characters from Redemption’s predecessor, Red Dead Revolver. Released on August 10, the pack is selling for £7.99 on PSN and 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions(Activision, DS, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)Due out in September, Shattered Dimensions is the latest third-person action adventure to feature Marvel’s iconic webslinger. The game takes place in four different Spidey universes – Noir, Amazing, Ultimate and 2099 – and each gets its own graphical style. The big draw with this video, though, is an interview with Marvel founder Stan Lee.

FIFA 2011(EA, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)EA has announced its new FIFA 2011 cover star – Brazilliant midfield maestro, Kaka. He’ll snuggle up beside Wayne Rooney on boxed copies of the world-beating footy sim. To celebrate, the publisher has released this little teaser. The game is out on October 1 in Europe.

Mush(Angry Mango, Windows Phone 7)A few months ago, I reported on the X48 indie game development competition for Tech Weekly. One of the student teams I met there has now entered the University of Abertay’s Dare to be Digital contest with this stylish little puzzler. According to artist Henry Hoffman, “The game revolves around a little character called Mush. He decides that his village is too mundane and goes off on an adventure into his world to discover the missing emotions. Using the Windows Phone 7 touchscreen you draw a smile to make Mush happy, making him light and able to float upwards. Drawing a sad face saddens Mush and makes him sink in water and weigh down objects. Shaking the phone angers Mush, allowing you to break obstacles and run faster.” Take a look and you’ll see the influence of Loco Roco and Rolando. Catchy music, too!

Your Doodles Are Bugged(Spyn Doctor/Blitz 1up, PC)Originally released onto Xbox Live Indie Games, Your Doodles Are Bugged is a neat cross between Line Rider and Lemmings. Your aim is to rescue a group of cute bug characters by drawing lines across the screen, thereby creating platforms, stairs and bridges. Each stage has a variety of obstacles, so neat careful drawing is a must. The new version, complete with lots of extra content, is out later this year on various PC digital download services. It’s developed by one-man indie studio Spyn Doctor, but the PC release is being co-handled by Blitz, through the veteran developer’s 1up programme.





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