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news: Weekend Essentials 150

Make your own history as an assassin, prove your brainpower to friends and outrun the cops with PlayStation this weekend.

Assassins hunt in pairs

Battle lines are drawn: the War of American Independence is about to get under way. Experience the revolution through the eyes of new hero Connor Kenway in Assassin’s Creed III on PlayStation 3, and track your enemies across vast wildernesses and the thriving cities of Boston and New York, as well as on the ocean in epic sea battles.

Ten years prior to the events of Assassin’s Creed III, Aveline de Grandpré has sworn to protect her home and the people of Louisiana. Assassin’s Creed III Liberation on PlayStation Vita will take you on a rich journey through New Orleans as you lure enemies into traps and silently eliminate them.

Pick up both games in shops or download them from PlayStation Store now and explore the birth of a nation on PS3 and PS Vita.

Who are you as smart as?

Prove your brainpower in a series of fiendishly tricky yet challenges, in Smart As… on PS Vita. Test your mind’s prowess in logic, maths, memory and word puzzles, and then see if you’re smarter than your Facebook and PlayStation Network friends. Pick up your copy in-store today or download it from PlayStation Store.

Get sporty with Sports Champions 2

There’s no room for friendship or family bonds in Sports Champions 2 on PS3, so grab your PlayStation Move motion controller and defeat your rivals at golf, boxing, bowling, skiing, tennis and archery. Earn the right to be named Sports Champion in your house this weekend.

Geronimo Stilton returns

Journey with an ordinary mouse on an extraordinary quest, when Geronimo Stilton answers the Queen of the Fairies’ call for help. Tackle more than 60 puzzles and mini-games and explore a magical world in Geronimo Stilton Return to the Kingdom of Fantasy The Videogame on PSP.

Save the world with Phineas and Ferb

Dastardly Dr Doofenshmirtz and his villainous plans must be stopped, and Phineas, Ferb and Agent P are just the people for the job. Join them as they travel through parallel realities and get to grips with strange new gadgets, as Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension lands on PSP.

New on Blu-ray Disc

Wrestle with the cops and other fighters on PS3 this weekend. Confront an entire city’s police force along with the fastest racers on PlayStation Network in Need for Speed Most Wanted. Take down anyone, anywhere as you dominate the roads.

Meanwhile, WWE ’13 crams some of the biggest personalities of wrestling into the ring. Take your pick from the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker and relive the Attitude era in your own living room.

New to download

In Okami HD, available to download to PS3, you’ll become the sun god Amaterasu as the critically acclaimed adventure receives a sparkling High Definition makeover and PlayStation Move features.

More for your game

Unleash a bitter ex-cop’s fury in four new multiplayer maps for Max Payne 3 when you download the Hostage Negotiation Pack. Adapt to hostile conditions, experiment with new weapons then tackle opponents from around the globe via PlayStation Network.

Add three new stages to Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil 6: an aircraft carrier level in the High Seas Fortress pack, the Rail Yard’s maintenance tunnels and trains and the deadly traps found in The Catacombs.

Visit PlayStation Store to enhance these two PS3 heavyweights.

Test your gaming knowledge

It’s the busiest time of the year for many gamers, with a host of great new titles making it tricky to know which to try first. Have a go at the November 2012 edition of Level Up, focusing on the new wave of blockbusters, and you can prove your knowledge while choosing the game to play next.

Try it out right now at

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news: Weekend Essentials 127

There’s something for everyone this weekend as Sorcery, DiRT Showdown, Table Top Tanks and more great entertainment arrives on PlayStation.

The magic is in your hands

Your PlayStation Move motion controller becomes a powerful magic wand this weekend as Sorcery lands on PlayStation 3. As young apprentice sorcerer Finn, can you master the power of PS Move to conquer the Nightmare Queen and restore peace to the Faerie Kingdom?

Find out if you’re up to the challenge this weekend by picking up your copy of Sorcery.

A new kind of DiRT

The world is your playground this weekend in DiRT Showdown on PS3, the brand new arcade racing game from the team behind the award-winning DiRT series. Blast past rivals on spectacular courses, smash your way through a series of demolition derbies or go wild in free-roaming stunt parks – the choice is yours.

Experience a new world of driving delirium on PS3 this weekend with DiRT Showdown.

Answer the call

Save the world this weekend on PS3: pick up Dragon’s Dogma and immerse yourself in huge, open and lush environments where you must track down and destroy a mysterious dragon, or go deep undercover as a precision-trained human weapon in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Which one will you choose?

New to download

A certain time-travelling doctor and his trusty companion invite you to join them on an exhilarating romp across the universe this weekend on PS3 as Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock materialises on PlayStation Store. Elsewhere, grab your PlayStation Move motion controller and show off your cooking skills in Order Up!!, or try the latest augmented reality experience on PlayStation Vita courtesy of Table Top Tanks.

Try before you buy

Download a selection of new demos from PlayStation Store this weekend: cast powerful spells with simple movements of your PS Move controller in the Sorcery demo; blast your way through the adrenaline-fuelled Ridge Racer Unbounded demo; enter the sprawling super-prison in the heart of Gotham City in the Batman: Arkham City demo; and, on PS Vita, sample retro action in the A-MEN demo. Grab them all now from PlayStation Store at no extra cost.

More for your PS3 games

Visit PlayStation Store this weekend to add a bevy of well dressed Pets to your gang with the Saints Row: The Third – Penthouse Pack – call them into combat at any time to do battle against the Syndicate. Alternatively, pick up a heap of new outfits, equipment and more for SOULCALIBUR V, or add new stages, in-game music and weapons to Warriors Orochi 3.

From the vaults

SEGA has unleashed a healthy slice of classic gaming action on PlayStation Store this weekend; several new titles are available to download now including Alex Kidd in Miracle World and street bike racer Super Hang-On. Look out also for PS2 Classic Conflict: Desert Storm II for your chance to engage in a series of absorbing, squad-based missions.

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PS3 news: Weekend Essentials 79

The latest PS3 news:

Crack crime with LA Noire, leap into some electrifying action in inFamous 2 and catch up on all the latest E3 and PlayStation Vita news this weekend.

A superpowered experience awaits with inFamous 2

Have you tried the epic superhero adventure of inFamous 2 on PlayStation 3 yet? A city-smashing entity known as The Beast is making its way to New Marais in the American Deep South and only the superpowered adventurer Cole MacGrath can stop it – if he wants to.

You can be the hero of the hour… or the villain who destroys everything in his path. It’s an electrifying journey you’ll never forget, so pick up a copy on Blu-ray Disc or download it from PlayStation Store now.

You could win a limited edition DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller bundle and a copy of the game in our inFamous 2 competition.

Start a war with DUNGEON SIEGE III

The battle for the magical kingdom of Ehb has begun – and you’re in the thick of it. DUNGEON SIEGE III on PS3 pits you against an army of dangerous creatures, where only your weapons and wits can save Ehb from doom.

Select your character class and fight for your life in this epic action role-playing game.

Explore Wonderland in Alice: Madness Returns

The grip of madness is choking Wonderland. Can you loosen it by assuming control of heroine Alice, in PS3 action adventure, Alice: Madness Returns? It will take a brave soul to stay sane at the sight of twisted characters such as the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen…

Go deeper down the rabbit hole than ever before with Alice: Madness Returns.

More monkey madness with Ape Escape

Your PS3 is about to swing into some monkey mayhem with the Ape Escape demo available for free on PlayStation Store. Battle hundreds of cheeky chimps using PlayStation Move as your wacky weapon. This demo gives you the perfect taste of what it’s like to go bananas with this frantic game, so download it today.

If you want to try your luck at winning a copy of Ape Escape, a PlayStation 3 system and a PlayStation Move motion controller, enter our Ape Escape competition too – just head over to and go ape…

The crime scene is yours in L.A. Noire

Make sure you’re first to the seedy 1940s crime scenes of L.A. Noire by downloading the L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass from PlayStation Store. The pass gives you access to a variety of downloadable content such as The Broderick Detective Suit and bonus case, The Naked City. Crime never rests, so with the L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass you’ll always be one step ahead – download it from PlayStation Store now.

Missed out on all the E3 excitement? Catch up here

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2011 was a spectacular explosion of video game news – and while the curtain has fallen for another year, we’ve made sure you can catch up on all the exciting announcements and unveilings over at and And you can find out what we thought of games such as Tomb Raider and Street Fighter X TEKKEN in our round-up feature at

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Alice: Madness Returns – American McGee goes back to Wonderland

The latest news:

Former id Software designer on how China inspired him to create a innovative game full of hidden depths

Astonishingly, it is nearly a century and a half since Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland first enthralled the general public with its hallucinatory charms, yet Alice’s allure remains undimmed. Last year’s Tim Burton film saw her reclaim her position at the centre stage of pop culture, and introduced her to a new generation. But it played things far too safe to satisfy true Wonderland aficionados – surprisingly, given Burton’s surreal track record. Salvation, though, may be at hand, in the shape of Alice: Madness Returns, a game in which you get to navigate Alice through the pitfalls of Wonderland.

Alice: Madness Returns has a great pedigree, as well as an unusual provenance. It is actually a sequel, to the only previous Lewis Carroll-based game with any credibility, American McGee’s Alice, although the original came out in 2000. Its creator, the wondrously named American McGee, is a man whose status in the industry was forged as a high-profile member of the id Software teams that defined first-person shooters as we know them – McGee was a leading light on the Doom games plus Quake and Quake II.

To add another curve-ball to proceedings, despite his name, McGee is now based in Shanghai, and Alice: Madness Returns will be the first major western-published game created entirely in China. We caught up with McGee on a rare UK visit. So why resurrect Alice after a decade? “Well, there wasn’t a lot of planning to it. I had moved to Shanghai, and started a studio there, and it made sense at some point during the creation of the studio that it became capable of doing a sequel to Alice. It was never a case of: ‘Hey, it has been 10 years – let’s bring this thing back to life.”

Playing through a demo level confirms that the general format of the original game has survived a decade intact: it’s a third-person action-adventure, mixing platforming and combat, in which you play Alice and must traverse levels familiar in theme to followers of Lewis Carroll. Alice has melee and ranged attacks (she shoots bombs from a teapot) and can spawn clockwork white rabbits which explode after a while. Plus, she can shrink herself down, which also reveals hidden pathways.

McGee elaborates: “We thought there was a combination of gameplay elements that worked really well in the first game, but at the same time, we had the luxury of listening to the audience for 10 years. There were certainly issues about the gameplay: the combat system in particular, so that gave us an opportunity to improve it and put a lot more depth in there. But at its core, it’s still very much a narrative-driven game.”

“In each of the new domains Alice visits, we have a domain-specific ability. So, for instance, in the Queen’s domain, there’s a Giant Alice section, where she gets to eat some cake, stomp around and squish card-guards by the hundreds. There’s side-scrolling in the Oriental domain, which happens by way of these shadow-projection puzzles; it looks very much like a Mario throwback. We also have a section we call Off With Her Head, in the Dollhouse domain. There, she has her head transformed into the head of a doll, and it is popped off, then thrown into a sort of Marble Madness level, where it bounces along and encounters obstacles. I think that really helps to strengthen the variety, which is one of the core aspects of the game.”

Won’t a sequel to a 10-year-old game face accusations of being old-fashioned, though? “I think we may get that comment, but at the same time, I think these classic gameplay mechanisms that you now see re-emerging on mobile devices and in social games will live forever. Somebody who didn’t have the opportunity to play the first game might find it quite refreshing”

As might an Alice fan disillusioned by Tim Burton’s film? “It was funny: we started development long before that film was even announced, so they managed to announce it, get the thing done and launch it in a matter of a year. Meanwhile, we had been working on the foundation and prep-work for the sequel to the game for quite some time. Personally, I was disappointed with the way in which that film came off. The biggest failing, I thought, was that they didn’t focus enough on Alice as a character – it became this ensemble thing, with mainly Johnny Depp as the lead, although he was not that much fun to watch.”

American in China

As McGee tells the story of how he ended up in China, one thing becomes clear: despite the patriotic name, he isn’t exactly about to sign up for the Tea Party. He’s only half-joking when he says: “I was living in LA, and someone offered me the opportunity to move to Hong Kong to work on a game. George Bush had also just won his second election, and I had told all my friends that if he was elected again, I was going to leave, so those two things coincided. Although I knew the production in Hong Kong was a flawed one before I ever moved, I saw it as a good opportunity to get out to the region and get some experience in China.”

“So after two years in Hong Kong, I was bouncing up to Shanghai quite a bit with a friend to start up an outsourcing company there which was servicing the games industry doing art assets. When someone offered me a development deal for American McGee’s Grimm, I said: “I don’t have a studio,” but they said: “Don’t worry about it: go and build one.” So that was an amazing opportunity, and I jumped on it and took it to Shanghai, because by then I had developed some good connections there.”

Surely that must have involved some major culture-shocks? “I think probably the largest shock came not necessarily from the culture, but from the experience of leaving the US and moving to Hong Kong because, when I did that, I had a very “Burn it down” attitude. I literally sold everything I owned – my car, my house and my possessions – and all I was left with were two suitcases and a cat. That’s a very powerful experience, especially when we’ve been brought up in a culture that assigns so much value to possessions. It was very cathartic, though. Moving into China, of course there are challenges, but you get past them.”

Surprisingly, McGee argues that developing games in China isn’t necessarily cheaper, since he still has to adhere to international pay-scales, but what he likes most is the prevailing attitude: “It’s a very optimistic place to be these days. There’s a lot of innovation going on, a lot of change happening and a very blue-sky mentality, especially among the creative industries, because they are now, for the first time, inventing all-new markets, in all-new technologies, and all-new ways of accessing consumers, so that means you have a very young, dynamic creative and consumer culture there, which feeds directly into the culture inside the studio. It’s a nice place to be making games.” Meanwhile, in the west, optimism has never been in shorter supply. But at least Alice: Madness Returns should supply plenty of escapism.

• Alice: Madness Returns is due to arrive for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on 17 June







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REVIEW: Dante’s Inferno Runs Deeper Than You’d Expect

Electronic Arts turned a lot of baffled heads when the company announced a video game inspired by / based on the classic Divine Comedy epic poem, but the end result is actually better than it has any right to be. Turning the Inferno into a big dumb action game in the God of War mold makes for an interesting exercise, as protagonist Dante must descend into the circles of Hell after his beloved Beatrice is slain and her soul taken into the underworld by the devil himself who intends to make her his unholy bride and Queen of Hell. The ensuing adventure goes deeper than you’d expect, as the player is actually drawn into the action and becomes part of Dante’s trials. Comparisons to Sony’s God of War are inevitable, as the two games have plenty in common. Both games star a morally gray hero who has done unspeakable horrors in the name of religion, who were one day pushed too far, and who now vow revenge against powers greater than each. Both games play largely the same with similar camera perspectives, control schemes, and skill tweaks. Both games even have a combat power-up system through which slain enemies become a form of currency used to buy upgrades. While there are many glaring similarities, Dante’s Inferno has a unique twist that sets it apart from Kratos’s saga when it comes to thematic presentation and the playing of tricks on the player beyond mere gameplay mechanics. Slim-PS3 is updated several times each day with the very latest games consle news and reviews.

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