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Slim PS3 news: Weekend Essentials 145

Win a trip to Silverstone, take to the pitch in FIFA 13 and rock out with Rocksmith on PS3 this weekend.

Alive and kicking

Stick the boot into your friends this weekend with FIFA 13 on PlayStation 3. The new season features up to date team sheets, an expanded career mode and the ability to use the PlayStation Move motion controller for defence-splitting passes.

If you’re on the move, you can also buy FIFA 13 for PlayStation Vita to get your football fix wherever you go.

Pick up the definitive Real Driving Simulator

Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition roars into shops this weekend, packed with special updates, extra cars, additional courses and exciting new features. Pick it up and head over to PlayStation Store to buy three brand new cars for your garage and settle back for hours of four-wheeled bliss. Plus, enter the exclusive GT Academy Challenge competition to earn a day of intensive driver training at the world-famous Silverstone Circuit – find out more including full terms and conditions at

Rock on

Mix real life with video games via the incredible Rocksmith on PS3. Plug any real guitar directly into your PS3 and learn how to master the axe like a pro. Develop at your own pace and enjoy a variety of mini-games that hone specific skills such as scales and finger dexterity. Strum your way to the top with Rocksmith this weekend.

Are you a fighter?

Tecmo Koei’s popular beat ‘em up series has stepped back into the PS3 ring with some familiar faces as well as characters from SEGA’s iconic brawler, Virtua Fighter. DEAD OR ALIVE 5 lets you fight it out across spectacular locations around the world without leaving your living room.

Help Victor Ludus and win

Have you lent a helping hand to the mysterious Victor Ludus yet? He’s building the ultimate LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita level and setting a variety of challenges for you to join in on via Twitter and Facebook. Your creative suggestions will help shape the level which will be built by developers Tarsier Studios and Double 11 and made available to download to LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita.

The most creative suggestions for selected challenges will be rewarded with exclusive prizes, so make sure you visit to get started and keep an eye on @VictorLudus and Facebook for the latest challenges.

It’s a PlayStation Store games bonanza

It’s a bumper week of games this week on PlayStation Store. For PS3 you can download PlayStation 2 classic Grand Theft Auto 3, unique survival adventure TOKYO JUNGLE (with 20 per cent off if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber), space-bound thriller Starhawk, the refreshingly original Mirror’s Edge and realistic racer F1 2012.

Want more? Then make sure you sink your teeth into inFAMOUS Collection, which contains inFAMOUS, inFAMOUS 2 and inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood. If you’re champing at the bit for some stealth action, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD is also available to download. Magical platformer Page Chronica makes its debut this week as well, while the Medieval Madness pack launches for Pinball Arcade, which is also compatible with PS Vita.

Speaking of the portable powerhouse, you can also download PS Vita title New Little King’s Story, a colourful strategy role-playing game with intuitive touch based controls. PSP isn’t left out either, with FINAL FANTASY III launching this week on PlayStation Store for instant role-playing game goodness.

Demos galore on PlayStation Store

Thought we were finished with PlayStation Store? There’s even more for you, with some delicious demos to download. On PS3 you can get a taste of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and NBA 2K13, while PS Vita horror fans can send a shiver down their spine with the Silent Hill Book of Memories demo.  

More for your games

Treat yourself – and your current games collection – with a variety of great add-ons on PlayStation 3. Whether it’s The Amazing Spider-Man, Darksiders II, Rocksmith, ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS, TRANSFORMERS: The Fall of Cybertron or Spelunker HD, there’s something to get the most from your games this weekend.

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PlayStation Vita update brings PSOne classics, new features

Sony’s given its PlayStation Vita console a software makeover, adding the ability to download classic PSOne games, as well as a bunch of new features.

The version 1.80 update is available today, and starting tomorrow, 29 August, a healthy number of vintage PlayStation games will be available to buy via the PS Store on your Vita. Not every game on the list is going to spark a bubbly wave of nostalgia, but I did spy favourites such as Silent Hill, Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy 7.

As well as the chance to re-live a precious chunk of your childhood, Sony’s made a load of revisions to the Vita’s built-in software. You can now use the D-pad to select options on the homescreen, for example, instead of having to rely on the touchscreen.

Weirdly, that’s not something that’ll be turned on by default, so you’ll need to activate it in the settings menu.

Meanwhile there’s a persistent search box at the top of the browser, and you can use the trackpad on the back of the Vita to scroll around webpages. A wider notification bar and iTunes playlist downloads are among other new goodies.

You should be prompted to install the update next time you connect to the PlayStation Network from your Vita console.

This is a lot of good news for Vita owners, though many of these software tweaks should really have been present when the console went on sale in February.

The ability to download classic games is also something that could have helped Sony’s handheld in its early days. When it’s no mean feat to get old PlayStation titles running on an Android phone, for example, it doesn’t look great when Vita owners are left waiting.

Still, better late than never. Let me know which retro masterpieces you’ll be downloading in the comments below, or on our Facebook wall. is updated frequently every day with the latest Slim PS3 news.

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Gravity Rush – review

PS Vita; £29.99; cert 12+; Sony

The PlayStation Vita is only a few months into its life-cycle but thus far, it has failed to capture the public imagination. A state of affairs which is nothing short of scandalous, since it is, by some considerable distance, the finest handheld console ever made.

You can attribute its lack of success to a number of factors – a highish price in a recessionary time (although it’s still less than half the price of an iPad); the demise of GAME lessening hands-on opportunities; too close a resemblance to the vastly inferior PSP; uncharacteristically ineffective marketing by Sony; or the lack of truly compelling games. Sony, at least, is taking steps to address the latter deficiency, with Gravity Rush at the forefront.

Gravity Rush is the perfect riposte to those (non-gamers) who insist on maintaining that the latest generation of mobile phones have rendered specialist portable consoles redundant. Originally earmarked for the PS3, its sheer ambitiousness and lavish execution make any games seen on iOS or Android seem laughably basic.

Gravity Rush’s creator, Keiichiro Toyama, worked on the original Silent Hill, and while his latest game is nowhere near as dark as that cult-classic, it’s every bit as weird – in a similarly endearing Japanese manner. An homage to the comics of Frenchman Moebius, it melds an anime visual style with some truly innovative and original gameplay, which would be a triumph on the PS3, let alone the PS Vita.

You play a young, amnesiac woman, soon dubbed Kat, who wakes up in a town in which disturbing happenings have become commonplace. Gravity shifts, plus an infestation of alien creatures called Nevi, are causing havoc. Kat hooks up with a black cat and discovers that, thanks to her new-found familiar, she can set gravity to operate in any direction. Which enables her to reach previously inaccessible areas and, in the game’s early stages, rescue inhabitants of chunks of the town which are being sucked away to oblivion. As well as being a hot blonde, Kat kicks ass with an array of kung-fu-style moves, the most potent of which are launched from mid-air.

Initially, Kat’s missions are fairly trivial, designed to familiarise you with her various moves (she can, for example, carry objects with her as she flies around, and slide on appropriate objects). She finds somewhere to live, falls in with some odd characters, engages in a spot of detective work and helps the police eradicate Nevi outbreaks and foil the evil plans of a criminal called Alias.

There are several RPG mechanics – including a map showing missions, side missions and people you can talk to for information, and you spend the crystals you collect on upgrading Kat’s powers. As you progress, she acquires ever more powerful and impressive-looking new attacks.

Gravity Rush builds judiciously. The story missions generally conclude with boss-battles, each harder than the last, and the three most epic – and downright psychedelic – missions see Kat spirited away to an alternate reality, where she battles increasingly large and nasty Nevi in order to retrieve lost chunks of the city.

It’s all endearingly bonkers, as any Japanese game should be, and with its distinctive art style (and cut-scenes arranged like comic-strips), it’s a visual feast.

There are a few quibbles, though. You have to adjust the sensitivity of the targeting system slightly, and the sliding mechanism, which uses the motion-sensor, can be fiddly. At times, you can become confused about which way is up, and some of the music should have been confined to an elevator.

But none of those minor gripes seriously detract from Gravity Rush’s truly fresh and original gameplay, or the enticing, cleverly populated world in which it is set. It’s a triumph that such a characterful and impressive-looking game can be played on a handheld console.

It’s doubtful whether it, alone, can kick-start sales of the PS Vita, and that’s a shame, because it deserves more than mere cult status. Real gaming aficionados will derive much delight from it, though.

• Game reviewed on the PS Vita

Rating: 4/5

PS Vita





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PS3 news: FirstPlay: See the future of PS3. First. Episode 43

Dirt 3, Bodycount, The Other Guys, Medal of Honor, Alien Breed 2: Assulat, Homefront, Tomb Raider Silent Hill: Downpour

We’re giving away another pair of Swords & Soldiers avatars this week in episode 43 of FirstPlay, on the Store this Wednesday, alongside another packed slate of high-definition gaming videos. First we bring you direct capture of our hands-on session with the very tasty-looking Dirt 3. Then we go behind the scenes of upcoming shooter Bodycount for a brand new studio tour, and get our itchy trigger fingers on pepped-up war sim Operation Flashpoint: Red River.

Of course that’s not all. We’ve also got a review of cop comedy The Other Guys on Blu-ray, a look at the making of Medal Of Honor’s online mode with the boys from EA DICE, a round-up of the latest comics on the PSP Store and a sit-down with one of the nicest, chattiest industry guys we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, Jim Boone from Red Faction: Armageddon developer Volition. Plus there’s a review of PSN blaster Alien Breed 2: Assault, and screenshot galleries featuring Brink, Homefront, the rebooted Tomb Raider and Silent Hill: Downpour.

As ever, all of this is just 99p, or less if you buy a 12 week subscription for £8.99.

We’d also like to remind you that you can stay in touch with all things FirstPlay by following us on Twitter at @firstplay_uk and on our Facebook page: FirstPlay (official). We also have a YouTube channel up and running.And don’t forget you can sign up for the FirstPlay newsletter here to have regular news and content updates delivered directly to your inbox.

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PS3 news: Games to give you goosebumps

Recent PS3 news:

Check out the terrifying titles guaranteed to keep your heart racing this Halloween.

Dead Rising 2

Nothing says Halloween like thousands of shambling, groaning zombies, and no game does zombies like Dead Rising 2.

A perfectly gruesome action adventure to get your hands on this October, Dead Rising 2 features swarms of the undead who can’t wait to get their teeth into you. Take on the role of Chuck Greene and battle your way through Fortune City in a bid to find a cure for your infected daughter.

Use an arsenal of humorous weapons, from lawn mowers to fire extinguishers, to pummel your zombie foes before time runs out and you lose everything…

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

If you don’t fancy going it alone on 31 October, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition allows two players to jump into the ghastly action together as agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. Set in Kijuju, Africa, you search for a biological arms dealer soon turns into a fight for survival as you discover that the inhabitants of Kijuju have mutated into gruesome, aggressive beings.

Investigate the secrets of Kijuju and battle hideous creatures using the PlayStation Move motion controller. If you’re brave enough to play alone, you will be ably assisted on your mission by a computer-controlled character.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Take a step back in time to 1022; the world is in darkness, isolated from the heavens and populated by evil. Play as Gabriel Belmont, a member of the Brotherhood of Light, a group of holy knights who protect and defend the innocent against the horrific creatures that terrorise the land.

After the murder of your wife, you must take down the souls of the dead who roam amongst the living.

BioShock 2

If you’re after a truly hair-raising experience this Halloween, enter the eerie world of Rapture in BioShock 2. Creatures known as Splicers prowl the ruined metropolis to the piercing shrieks and screams of other unfortunate souls as you explore this chilling, underwater terrain.

Try to seek out the Little Sister you once protected, but beware, as Little Sisters roam the destroyed town accompanied by their Big Daddy protectors. Keep an eye out for other chilling threats that lurk in this creepy world, too. You have been warned…

Demon’s Souls

Full of chilling missions and eerie moments, Demon’s Souls throws you into the dark realm of Boletaria, and you must save it from its cursed fate. Upgrade weapons by taking the souls of downed enemies and touch blood stains to see the last moments of someone before their death. This may sound gory, but it is also an insight into where blood-curdling danger lies.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

If you’re on the move this Halloween, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on PSP could be the game to keep you in spine-chilling spirits. Play as Harry Mason, an ordinary man whose daughter has gone missing in one of the most terrifying and mysterious towns in America: Silent Hill.

Explore the eerie, snow covered town and try to avoid the demons and monsters that lurk within the shadows.


Fancy some modern-day terror? Head over to the island of Katorga-12 in Singularity and take on some intense mutants in this first person shooter. Locked down since a Soviet experiment went very wrong in the 1950s, Katorga-12 is now open for business again, and you have been sent to investigate some bizarre reports coming from the mysterious island.

Explore the island using a host of weapons, including time itself, to stop the catastrophic accident known as the Singularity from destroying mankind. You’ll spend most of your time on the edge of your seat as you investigate the secrets of this creepy, unfamiliar place.

God of War III

If epic battles and Greek mythology take your fancy, God of War III will satisfy your needs. Take on the role of the mighty Spartan warrior Kratos and begin your action-packed journey to Mount Olympus.

Fearlessly fight your way to the top of the vast mountain while taking on the undead armies of Zeus, the deadly Minotaur and grotesque Cyclops. Wield a range of exciting new weapons, fight your way to face Zeus himself and unleash some serious vengeance.

Dante’s Inferno

Feeling spookily romantic this Halloween? We’ve got that covered, too. Play as Dante, a warrior searching for his true love Beatrice who is being held hostage in Hell by Lucifer. The evil demon plans to wed Beatrice, escape Hell and travel to Heaven to overthrow God.

If you want to see your lady again, you’ll have to battle through the nine terrifying circles of Hell, fight Lucifer’s minions and overcome your own demons. Can you face the horrific sins of your own family and the atrocious crimes you have committed? This spine-tingling journey will put you to the test.

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Slim PS3 news: 15 years of PlayStation – the defining moments

Take a journey with through 15 years of PlayStation innovations.

PlayStation has helped define an industry since its explosive arrival on the videogames scene 15 years ago. From the birth of the revolutionary PlayStation games console to the advanced technology of PlayStation 3, there’s always been something that has moved your entertainment experiences to the next level… The PlayStation revolution

1995 saw the European arrival of a fresh-faced machine called PlayStation. The games console sported an attractive design and the ability to play audio CDs. This merging of entertainment – music and videogames – in one system was a baton passed down to PlayStation 2 in 2000, which was the first home games console to offer in-built DVD playback, USB support for a range of handy peripherals and full backwards compatibility with its predecessor. PS2 went on to be one of the most popular videogame consoles ever created, shipping over 145 million units worldwide to date – and still going strong. 

With the seeds of multimedia planted, the stage was set for PSP (PlayStation Portable) to dazzle in 2005, thanks to a combination of powerful portable hardware and the ability to play Universal Media Disc movies, as well as MP3 music, photos and games. PSP also boasted a built-in Wireless Internet connection for web browsing and continued to broaden the creative diversity that PlayStation had become famous for.

Further evolution came in the shapely form of PlayStation 3 during 2007. The world’s most powerful entertainment system brought with it a host of new hardware features to once more alter the videogames landscape. PS3 offered things no other system could, with a built-in Blu-ray Disc player for incredible full High Definition picture quality, connectivity with PSP through Remote Play and a unified online platform – PlayStation Network. This paved the way for downloadable games across PS3 and PSP (something especially significant for the pocket sized PSPgo, which features a large amount of internal memory for downloadable content), along with a number of other advantages for music, films and television. Put the power in your hands

Revolutionary hardware is nothing without precise control, and the history of PlayStation is rife with ergonomically-designed controllers that made sure all your entertainment needs were in hand. The roots for the famous DUALSHOCK controller were established by the original PlayStation controller which boasted four buttons on top of the controller instead of the standard two, giving developers the scope to explore more gameplay possibilities in their titles. This was soon followed by the twin analog stick wielding Dual Analog Controller, and then the original Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK). In 2000 the DUALSHOCK 2 for PS2 introduced vibration function features and pressure sensitive buttons which transformed gaming from a visual and aural experience into a tactile one as well.

In 2007, PS3 signalled the arrival of motion control on PlayStation with the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller and later the DUALSHOCK 3. Tilt sensors, Wireless connectivity and the PS button for accessing the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) user interface became standard, along with all the other advantages of the previous DUALSHOCK controllers.

The simple to use Buzz! Buzzers introduced a brilliantly fun way to play the accompanying quiz series, Buzz!, on PS2 and PS3 in 2005. Featuring big coloured buttons, the controllers make answering quick-fire quiz questions a blast!

In 2010 the latest addition to the PlayStation controller family, the PlayStation Move motion controller, was launched. Placing incredibly accurate motion control technology in the palm of your hand, PS Move changes the way you play games. Working in tandem with the PlayStation Eye camera, PS Move replicates your movements on-screen and puts you right in the action. Suddenly you don’t just have a controller in your hand – you have a mighty sword, a powerful ray gun, a trusty bow and arrow… you have whatever you need for the game you’re playing. Light and Wireless, PlayStation Move represents the epitome of how far PlayStation has progressed when it comes to videogame control.

The birthplace of gaming classics

Many blockbuster franchises started life on PlayStation and have since become household names. Tomb Raider became synonymous with PlayStation thanks to its impressive debut in 1996 which made Lara Croft a lasting and popular videogames figure across the globe. Solid Snake was reborn in the Metal Gear Solid franchise during that same generation, providing a new look for the rugged hero as well as helping popularise stealth based gameplay. And who can forget the birth of the survival horror genre through Resident Evil and Silent Hill, both PlayStation titles originally.

Tried and tested genres also got a welcome shot in the arm with PlayStation systems. Role-playing games found a new way to portray cinematic storytelling thanks to the epic Final Fantasy VII, using the console’s technology to realise narrative techniques which are still used today. Futuristic racing games flew out of the home and into nightclubs with WipEout offering blistering visuals and a dance floor filling soundtrack.

The world-beating likes of Tekken, Ridge Racer, God of War, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Killzone, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Kingdom Hearts, MotorStorm, Resistance and so many more all became popular series that took off on PlayStation. And the fresh breath of innovation drifted into videogames through titles such as EyeToy: Play, EyePet, Grand Theft Auto 3 and the emotion driven storytelling of Heavy Rain, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

Fans of realistic racing games were put into the driver’s seat with the emergence of Gran Turismo. In 1998, the Real Driving Simulator took Europe by storm by delivering the most stunningly realistic portrayal of racing ever seen in a videogame. Gran Turismo’s sequels on PS2 set the bar even higher, leaving rivals in the dust thanks to a perfect combination of well observed physics, a massive range of selectable cars and a comprehensive career mode.

Critical and commercial acclaim has followed Gran Turismo on the track to success, which looks set to be repeated with the late 2010 arrival of Gran Turismo 5 on PlayStation 3. Over 950 stunningly recreated cars, more than 70 track variations and unparalleled realism await, along with compatibility with another innovation – stereoscopic 3D. With a 3D compatible TV, compatible glasses and the PlayStation Eye camera, you can change your field of view as if you’re actually inside your car by moving your head left or right while driving. No other driving game can offer this sort of realism.

With the arrival of the PlayStation Move motion controller and experiences offered by related titles such as Sports Champions, Heavy Rain Move Edition, The Fight and SingStar Dance, PlayStation continues to be the home of memorable and genre changing fun for all ages.

Step into a wider world online

No glimpse through the defining moments in PlayStation history would be complete without a mention of PlayStation Network (PSN). Released in Europe in 2007, the online service took PSP and PlayStation 3 into the wonderful world of free Internet access, where over 50 million users to date now regularly create their own colourful online IDs, play online at no extra cost, browse their favourite sites and use features such as the ever growing PlayStation Store. Offering a colossal range of downloadable content, PlayStation Store is open 24/7 for you to stock up on games, playable demos, themes, trailers, avatars and game add-ons.

PSN took another defining step with the arrival of premium subscription service PlayStation Plus, in 2010, which introduced exclusive discounts, services and content such as early access to beta trials and demos, and free games and downloads.

Snackable titles on both PS3 and PSP became all the rage with minis on PlayStation Store in 2009. Their bite-sized blast of addictive gameplay meant the range of game types and genres instantly increased on PlayStation.

Demand more from your machineWhen it comes to entertainment services, PlayStation is ahead of the game. PlayTV unlocks the potential of your television by letting you watch, pause and record live TV. Planning television programmes around your life is easy with PlayTV and you can even use Remote Play to organise your viewing schedule on PSP, VAIO laptops or compatible Sony Ericsson phones, meaning you also have access to previously recorded programmes wherever you go. And with an increasing range of TV on-demand services, such as BBC iPlayer also at your command, you don’t have an excuse to miss your favourite shows ever again.

If movie madness is your thing, then you’ll find plenty of opportunities for popcorn viewing on PlayStation with MUBI and the PlayStation Store Video Store. MUBI reels in some of the most treasured film masterpieces and puts them on demand for your PlayStation 3 viewing pleasure, while the Video Store is all about the biggest films and newest releases at the touch of a button.

Music maestros aren’t left out either with VidZone pumping thousands of music videos to your PS3 absolutely free. Redefining your music experiences on PlayStation, VidZone lets you create your own playlists from hundreds of artists, with regular updates to keep your tunes fresh. You can even access the service on the move using Remote Play for PSP.

The world of comic books was also unleashed on PlayStation through Digital Comics on PSP, a service which lets you download some of your favourite comics and take them anywhere you go in the comfort of your own pocket. Be social

Fostering communities is something which has helped define PlayStation throughout the years and PlayStation Home is a large social environment which no home console can compete with. Accessed through the PlayStation 3 XMB, this free to explore world has you creating a custom avatar before decorating your own personal apartment. Then you can venture out into PlayStation Home and interact with other users enjoying the constantly growing environments. Want to watch a trailer? Make new friends? Play games and take part in special events? PlayStation Home brings all these elements together for the perfect blend of videogaming and social fun – and it’s only on PlayStation.

3D: A new dimension to home entertainment

It may be relatively new technology, but stereoscopic 3D is already making waves with PlayStation. Both 3D compatible games and movies are available to change your experience. Arm yourself with a 3D TV, compatible glasses and the 3D game or Blu-ray 3D disc movie of your choice and see the future of home entertainment pop out of the screen. If you already have the equipment you can dive into new depths with titles such as PAIN, MotorStorm 3D Rift and WipEout HD, and 3D movies including Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and Monster House.

Putting you at the forefront of PlayStation

Even before the arrival of stereoscopic 3D, PlayStation has looked at new and inventive ways of playing games. Augmented reality is one such area, showing a live version of the world around you on the screen and overlaying it with computer generated images which you can interact with. You become part of the virtual world and use your body and surroundings to alter the game.

PlayStation explored this exciting concept as early as 1999 with the announcement of the EyeToy USB Camera for PlayStation 2, pushing augmented reality gaming into the mainstream. Games such as EyeToy: Play thrust you on to your TV screen, while other titles like EyeToy: Kinetic Combat offer the opportunity to keep fit or jump into other activities.

With the clear success of these titles, PlayStation took the concept even further with the PSP camera. Games such as Invizimals give you a taste of what it’s like to find and collect hidden creatures around your home, while EyePet lets you rediscover the world around you with an adorable new friend.

On PlayStation 3, augmented reality is in full flow thanks to a combination of the PlayStation Eye camera, PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D. Titles that use PS Move and the PlayStation Eye camera give you the chance to be on-screen and in the spotlight – Start the Party! and The Shoot are perfect examples of this magical way to play, while EyePet Move Edition adds stereoscopic 3D to really bring it all to life. Augmented reality is a defining moment happening right now – and you can be a part of it with PlayStation.

During its first 15 years, PlayStation has helped the videogames industry move into the mainstream and brought memorable and engaging entertainment into your homes. Where will the next 15 years take you? The journey starts here… is updated regularly per day with the very latest Free Sony Slim PS3 news.

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